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I understand XMOD is a "non-programmers" "po-boys" (as they say in the

south-LOL) way to get a task accomplished to that end I bot a little car dealership program to incorporate with what I was trying with XMOD ------but since I sell Towtrucks ---I am getting Lost

on this

Here is what I am trying to do (the site is built with DNN 3.x)

[url removed, login to view]

This is the type of format I was looking for ! section for New 1 for

used We sell Towtrucks

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

I have 4 classes of vehicles I am trying to sell New and used units we own

AND new and used units owned by customers that are left at their location

that we will be trying to sell for them on consignment

I have 4 "condition" reports ----

Carrier-----Wrecker------Tractor-------Trailer (Forms) which will be

used to input both new and used units for sale

I would like each of the 4 forms to have the capability to browse and upload

the 5 pics

I would also like each form to automatically generate its own unique

"stock" number for tracking purposes since the "used consignment"

condition reports (forms) will be filled out by the customer at their


There will be 2 lists on seperate pages "New" and "Used" (with

subcategories---"carrier" Wrecker" Tractor" "Trailer" under each) Which

will display header information as well as be sortable in a similar manner

to the example example of how I would like to see the layout

[url removed, login to view] (notice sorting of columns ----not sure

if that is easily possible with XMOD)

When the detail is clicked (no photos shown until that time) then it will

be similar in detail

[url removed, login to view] to what "car

dealership" is

The new vehicles would NOT show the additional condition items that are so

vital for a used unit (purpose would be to have 1 input form for both new

and used)

The used vehicles that are on consignment (Ie we do not have actual

possesion of them) would have the detail section/pictures/location etc

available ONLY to registered users (so that we hopefully will be able to

track and get our commission out of the seller)

Also in the detail section I would like to have or link to a popup I-frame

page on our site (which I could find if needed) a calculator for loan


When the sale is completed a feedback system similar to Ebay for both buyer

seller to rate and/or comment on the sales process would help "keep people


[url removed, login to view];CatalogItemID=1172&CatalogID=7&search=review&pagenumber=0&sortby=

something like this is graphical (wrecker people are a different breed LOL)

and if it could be linked to the buyer/seller/unit number for later review

by any prospective user after the sale like ebay that would be Kewl!

Te little xmod "car dealership program" has some of the stuff including the

5 pic upload that I would like to see

Also I am missing the email back to myself the info on 3 of the forms

(carrier condition is the closest to being complete with the email info back

to me)

I want to bill the consignment users either a % or flat fee if we put

buyer/seller together


Stormin Norman

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