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PayPal as my verified payment option

You can use your PayPal account as a verified payment method for your account as long as it has a funded debit/credit card, or bank account* linked to it. If you need assistance regarding this, contact PayPal Support.


Follow the steps below to add your PayPal account as a verified payment method.


  1. Click your profile picture thumbnail from the main menu bar. Then, click Settings.


2. Go to the Payment & Financials tab.


  3. Click the + Payment Method button.


  4. Click Add PayPal Account.


  5. Enter your PayPal login details, and click Log In.



A 0.25 USD test fee will be charged to your PayPal account for verification. This will be automatically refunded to you within three business days after we verify your PayPal account.


You can also add multiple PayPal account and have multiple billing agreements in different currencies with just one PayPal account. An automatic billing agreement is activated after verifying your payment method.


* Some banks may not be eligible for verification.

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