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Transaction History

Just like your bank statement, your Transaction History may very well hold the most crucial information about your account. Here is where you keep a record of all your transactions. Whenever you earn a Milestone Payment from a project or a commission through the Affiliate Program, whenever you are charged a project fee or membership fee, you can review the Transaction History to verify.

To go there, just mouse over your balance on the top right of your Dashboard and select Transaction History.

All relevant info on every transaction is listed: the time and date, the currency, the description, including your current balance. If you are unsure of what a transaction was for, you can view its details by clicking the "?" Transaction Information icon next to the transaction amount. 

The items are listed in order—from the most recent to the oldest.


By the way, if you have dealings in other currencies, you can toggle between them by way of the Currency dropdown menu found on the upper right. 

There’s a useful feature where you can export your Transaction History by way of the + Export Transactions link found on the upper left. Once you click the link, select the date range, pick the file format (PDF or CSV), and click Export.

Another thing you can export is an invoice for any transaction. This might come in handy for documentation or even tax purposes. You can get an invoice copy by clicking the PDF icon next to the transaction details. 

Just click that and print the invoice.

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