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Awarding another freelancer

Follow the steps below to award another freelancer from your existing bid list. Note that awarding a new freelancer will charge a separate project fee.


To receive bids from a new set of freelancers, repost the project instead. 


     1.  Select the Proposals tab on your project page.


     2.  Click Award on the bid card of the freelancer you wish to award.




If your project is an hourly one, you will have to set up weekly billing for each awarded freelancer.

If your project is fixed-price, you will have three options when awarding: (1) set up minimum Milestone Payment which is only 20% of the project budget, (2) set up the freelancer's suggested Milestone Payment, or (3) set up Milestone Payments later and pay only for Project Fee for the meantime.


You can award additional freelancers for the following scenarios:

  • You already awarded a freelancer, but the work needed for your project requires more manpower
  • Your freelancer failed to complete your project, and you wish to choose another freelancer from your existing bid list to complete it. Note that doing this will not end your project with your original freelancer.


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