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Editing invoices

Milestone Payment invoices


The amount set on an invoice cannot be modified as it is automatically generated based on the amount of the Milestone Payment created by the client or automatically created by the system in the case of hourly projects.


Other Milestone Payment invoice details such as the name and address of the freelancer and client reflects the information found in their respective profiles. These billing information automatically updates when the client or the freelancer change their profile details through the User Settings page.



External invoices


All the details in an external invoice can be edited by the freelancer via the Financial Dashboard while the invoice is unpaid. Follow these steps to edit an external invoice:


     1.  Hover over your account balance, and choose Financial Dashboard.


     2.  On the Manage Transactions section, click Invoices.


     3.  Choose Outgoing on the toggle.


     4.  Click the Edit button across the invoice you want to edit.




The following details on the invoice can be edited:


Bill From (optional)


Bill To (optional)


Work Completed 






Tax (optional)


Due date (optional)


Logo (optional)


     5.  Click Save Changes to finish. 



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