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Editing invoices

Automatic Invoices


The amount set on an automatic invoice cannot be modified as it is automatically generated based on the tracked hours of the freelancer in an hourly project. To invoice hours that were not included in the automatic weekly invoice generation, or to invoice employers for overhead expenses, freelancers can manually create invoices instead.


Only the profile details in the billing section of an automatic invoice can be edited, which will be automatically reflected on your account’s Profile Details as well.



For Employers


On the Invoices section of your project page, click the dropdown menu for the invoice, and select Edit Details.



You can edit your profile details for both paid and unpaid invoices. Changes will reflect immediately on the edited invoice.



For Freelancers


Select the Invoices tab on your project page, and click the Edit button for the invoice.




On the invoice form, click [edit] in your billing section to edit the details included in it.



Freelancers can only edit their invoice's profile details if they are still unpaid. The changes will reflect on the next invoice/s that will be created, regardless if they are created automatically or manually.




Manual Invoices


For manually-created invoices, all details can be edited if the invoice is still unpaid.


However, only the freelancer who created the invoice has the option to edit the invoice amount. This is for both fixed-price and hourly projects. 


     1.  Go to the Invoices tab, and click Edit for the selected invoice. 


     2.  You will be able to edit the invoice description, number of hours, hourly rate, and tax information.


Edit manual invoice details


     3.  Click Save Changes to finish.



Employers can request their freelancer to edit the invoice amount by clicking the dropdown menu for the invoice and selecting Request Change. Any amount change will reflect immediately on an unpaid invoice. 



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