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Editing the billing details of hourly projects

Your project’s Management area is divided into two: the Billing Summary and the Payments sections.



Billing Summary

  • Weekly limit: the maximum number of hours your freelancer can track (or work for) in a week



  • Uninvoiced hours: the payment equivalent to the number of hours that were tracked offline but not included on the automatic generation of invoices (can be invoiced manually for payment)
  • Next payment: the payment equivalent to the number of tracked hours that your freelancer has worked for
  • Payments to-date: the total amount of payments that you have made for the project



From there, you can edit the project’s setup payment method and weekly limit by clicking the pencil icon  next to them.


You can change the payment method from which funds will be taken for the automatic weekly payment of generated invoices.


Payment method 



You can also change the project’s weekly limit from 1 to 168 hours per week.



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