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Paying Hourly Project Invoices

Invoices for hourly projects are now generated and paid automatically for employers who set up their billing option for the project. Hours tracked by freelancers via the Desktop App are automatically invoiced every Monday (date and time indicated are in the employer’s timezone). The invoices are then paid every Wednesday (48 hours after generation).

To check the invoice to be paid on your hourly project, simply go to your project’s page and scroll down to the Invoices section. Hover over the tooltip for the unpaid invoice to check its payment date.

A Milestone Payment will be automatically created if there is no existing Milestone Payment after an invoice is paid. The amount of the generated Milestone Payment will be equivalent to the initial Milestone upon award or upon setting up your billing option (Hourly Rate * Weekly Limit). It will be released automatically on the next billing cycle/week.


Setting Up the Billing Option 

To set up the payment of automatic invoices, go to your project’s page, check the Billing Details section, and click Setup Billing.

The terms of payment for automatic invoicing will be shown on the confirmation modal.

  • Hourly Rate - this is the amount the awarded freelancer is paid for every hour tracked on the project.

  • Weekly Limit -  this is the maximum number of hours that can be tracked by freelancers in a week. You can edit this anytime to any number of hours from 1 to 168.

  • Maximum Weekly Bill - this shows the weekly maximum amount you can be billed with on your preferred payment source. (Hourly Rate * Weekly Limit)

  • Invoices Generated - this is the schedule of the invoices generated automatically.

  • Automatic Billing - this is the schedule of the weekly automatic payment of generated invoices.


Once the setup is complete, click Yes! Let’s get started. You will be redirected to the project’s page if you already have a billing agreement of a verified payment method on your account. If not, you will be prompted to add one on the Verify Payment Method page.

In case you want to use another payment method for the weekly billing, you can change it on the Billing Details section of your project’s page. Just click the pencil icon for Payment Method and click Use Another.

If you want to stop the billing, just click End Billing. To resume, click Resume Billing.


Paying Manual Invoices

For manual invoices that may be created by your freelancer as additional payment, you can pay them on the Invoices section of your project’s page by clicking Pay.

If you wish to check the invoice first, click the dropdown button and select View. On the invoice page, you can pay your freelancer while viewing the invoice details by clicking Pay Now.

If you want the freelancer to change the invoice amount, choose Request Change.


When paying an invoice, you can choose to use an existing Milestone Payment or the balance from your account. After selecting the payment option you prefer, click Pay Now.

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