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Invite a Freelancer to Bid on Your Project

Sometimes, you may have a certain freelancer in mind for your project, or you may have found qualified freelancers through the Browse Directory page. You have the option to invite those freelancers to bid on a project that you posted.

To invite a freelancer, go to their profile page, click the arrow next to the “Hire Me” button, and select Invite to project.

A popup will then appear, and you can select which of your open projects you’d like the freelancer to bid on. Choose the project and click Invite.

The freelancer will then receive a notification stating that you have invited them to place a bid on your project. Once they bid on your project, you will receive a notification on your account. You can then go ahead and contact them to discuss the project.


To invite multiple freelancers at once, you can go to your project's page, click on the ellipsis tab "..."  next to the Management tab, and select Invite Freelancers.

You will then be given a list of recommended freelancers who have a high reputation and great recent performance for the skills related to your project. You can choose any freelancer you want and click on the Invite button next to them.

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