Como podemos ajudá-lo?

Hired freelancer failed to complete the project

Most issues can be resolved through patience, understanding, and open communication between the parties involved. We highly recommend trying to discuss problems between each other first to find amicable solutions. 


If you no longer wish to work with your freelancer, here are your options: 

  • Award another freelancer if you wish to hire another freelancer from your existing bid list. See this article for tips. Doing this will not end your project with your original freelancer.
  • Repost the project to receive a new set of bidders to choose from to work on your project. You can take advantage of our Recruiter Service for your reposted project if you need help in selecting the right freelancer. Our Project Recruiters can help connect you to the best freelancer for your project, which may also be one of our Preferred Freelancers.



Can I get help for managing my project and for progress monitoring?


Yes. Whether you are working with your original freelancer or you awarded a new one, you can hire a Project Manager to help you get your project completed.

If you need further recommendations on how to resolve an issue with a freelancer, scroll down past this article and click Contact Us.


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