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What to Do after Posting a Project

Posting a project is the easiest part. It’s what happens after that is most vital to the success of your project. Hiring the right freelancer determines if your goals will be achieved. We’ve listed rock-solid guidelines you should take to heart to assure you get what you need out of your project.


1. Review the bids

As soon as you post a project, you’ll receive bids from freelancers. It’s a great practice to evaluate each bid that comes your way. You’ll get a notification on your Dashboard for any new bid you receive for your project, so you’ll have the chance to check them all.


It’s apparent that you need to compare freelancers’ bid amounts and timelines, but take a look at the proposals as well. Here, they will claim their expertise regarding the subject and explain the way in which they will perform the tasks to complete the project.

You will notice that there is a recommended bidder on your list. This freelancer is selected based on all the bidders' reputation and recent performance. Note that this is only a recommendation and it is still up to you to decide whether you will award the recommended freelancer or choose another bidder.


If you are overwhelmed with the number of bids, you can streamline by removing or shortlisting individual bids. Just hover your mouse over the upper right corner of any bid (next to the bid amount) and click either the Remove or Shortlist icons.



2. Check the freelancers’ profiles

Perhaps the most excellent way to determine who is the most worthy among your bidders is to check their profile page. Just click on the username of the bidder whose profile you want to check. makes sure its users’ profiles are transparent and indicative of their abilities and skills. On any profile, you can see important information that should give you an idea if they are the right freelancer for your project.

Number of Reviews — the number of projects they’ve completed and earned feedback from

Completion Rate — measurement based on the volume of projects that have been successfully completed within the agreed time

Star Ratings — the average score they got from former employers

Earnings Score — amount earned in completing projects for the skill you are requiring


The most important thing to consider is the review(s) given to the user by former employers. The feedback remarks the experience these employers have had in dealing with the freelancer. Reviews give you the best idea as to the potential of the freelancers.

Other notables with profiles are users’ BadgesPortfolioEducationExams, etc. All of these contribute to a freelancer’s credibility.



3. Message the freelancer

A lot can be made sense of with a little communication. Do not hesitate to message a bidder if you need more information about them or their plans for the project. Just go to the Proposals tab of your project's page and click Chat on the bid of the freelancer you want to contact. You can tell that the freelancer is online if the circle is green.


4. Invite freelancers to bid

Don’t forget that you can always invite more freelancers to bid on your project. On your project's page, click  ellipsis.png  and select Invite Freelancers.

This will display a list of freelancers who are recommended based on their previous work history and relevant skills. Once you've chosen, simply click Invite.



5. Award the project

When you’ve done your research, you’ll be confident with your choice. Now, it’s just a matter of awarding the project to the freelancer(s) you favor by clicking the Award button on their bid(s). To know more about awarding a project, please read this article.


6. Create Milestone Payment(s)

The Milestone Payment System is the most effective way to pay your freelancer. Creating a Milestone Payment encourages the awarded freelancer that you are serious about getting the project done, inspiring them to perform their tasks better.

It is recommended never to release a Milestone unless the freelancer has finished all their tasks or sent all their deliverables. You have to be certain you got what you wanted out of the project and you are fully satisfied with the results before doing this.


It’s rare to come across fraud or scams on our platform as an employer but it’s still important to know how to read the warning signs and red flags before they’re successful. Read more.  

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