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What Happens to My Entry when a Contest is Refunded or Closed, or No Winner is Declared?

Regular contests are subject to our Money Back Guarantee within 30 days after they close. Therefore, in cases wherein the contest holder cannot choose a winner, they can request a refund of their prize money instead. If they choose to do so, no winner will be selected, their contest will be cancelled, and the prize will be refunded to them. 

For Guaranteed contests, however, the Money Back Guarantee does not apply. This is because this type of contest "guarantees" payment of the prize. If the contest holder is unable to choose a winner for their Guaranteed contest within 30 days after the contest closes (unless the contest is unlocked for awarding), the prize money will be distributed to the qualified entries. Entries will be reviewed first before the prize is distributed.

It is the discretion of contest holders if they will award their contest. If you wish to have a form of assurance in payment when joining a contest, it is advisable to join Guaranteed contests. 

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