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Upgrading / downgrading my membership

Upgrading your membership plan means subscribing to a higher-tier plan. Downgrading means subscribing to a lower-tier one. Downgrading is not the same as cancelling.


To upgrade/downgrade your membership, here is how:


     1.  Log in to your account.

     2.  Click your profile picture icon at the top right part of the page, and select Membership.

     3.  Choose to subscribe to any of the following payment bases:


     •  Monthly Plan

     •  Annual Plan, Paid Monthly.* You will be billed the per-month fee of the annual plan monthly. 

*You can save up to 20% on annual plans.


     4.  Click Upgrade or Downgrade under the membership plan that you wish to subscribe to. You need to have a verified payment method to proceed to the next step.

     5. Fpr membership upgrades, complete the deposit/payment process.


Upgrading your membership is immediate. Downgrading takes effect after your last paid membership plan is over. This way, you can still receive all the benefits of your membership until your new plan becomes active.


If you wish to grow your freelance business on our platform, make sure to choose the membership plan that best suits your goals and needs.

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