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Creating Milestone Payments

Clients can easily create Milestone Payments through the following scenarios and pages on the site:


  • When awarding a project

  • When accepting quotations
  • On the project page once the award is accepted

  • Via Inbox and Chat


Just provide the amount of payment to create, and confirm. Note that you have to either add a verified payment method or add funds upon creating the Milestone Payment.


Clients can also create Milestone Payments from the Financial Dashboard:


1. Click your profile picture thumbnail from the main menu bar. Then, click Financial Dashboard under Finances.


2. Check the Milestone Requests view, and click Incoming to see if your freelancer has requested payments to be created.


Incoming Milestone requests view


If there is and you wish to create it, click Create Milestone, and Confirm Payment.


3. If there isn’t, click Milestones and the Create Milestone Payment button.


Create Milestone Payment from the Financial Dashboard


4. Select the freelancer you wish to create a payment for, and provide the amount. The payment currency will follow your posted project’s currency.


Select freelancer


5. Click Create Milestone.




Creating Milestone Payments will immediately charge the account's balance or the verified payment method linked (if you have automatic billing activated). The funds will be held until the client chooses to release them to their freelancer.


Every Milestone Payment that is created will have its own invoice that can be viewed and downloaded from the project page.

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