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Proposed Milestones

A Proposed Milestone (or quote item in quotations)  is the freelancers’ option to present their payment schedule based on their project’s progress. This feature helps freelancers to: 

  • discreetly request or remind the clients to create Milestone Payments after awarding their projects (for payment assurance)

  • clearly state and describe their procedures and objectives in order to complete the projects
  • prove to the client that they understand what the project is about

  • increase their chances of getting hired because clients prefer workers who understand their project needs, set plans and commitments, and can be paid at a reasonable amount

Read more about the benefits of Proposed Milestones here.


How to suggest/propose Milestone Payments

1. Click the title of the project you want to bid on from the Browse Projects page.

2. On the Bid Details tab, under the Place a Bid on this Project section, enter your bid amount, delivery time and proposal description.

3. On the Suggest a milestone part, write your proposed milestone or task and the amount you expect to receive for that task.


You can propose up to a maximum of 10 milestones. The amount of all milestones should equal to the amount of your bid.

5. Once you are done, click Place Bid.


The client will award the project to the best freelancer for the job. This is where an effective bid comes into play. As a candidate, it's vital that you put your best foot forward when pitching yourself to prospective clients. Read more

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