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Quotes External Sharing

Sending Quotes is not only for your existing clients here in You can also send quotes to your clients who are not registered on the site yet. Bringing your external clients to the site makes it easier for you to manage all the projects in your bucket. To use this feature, you only need to be payment verified.

1. Click the Create a Quote button in the main menu bar or the Get Started button found in the Quotes page.

2. Indicate the client’s email address in the Quote pop-up modal and click Next.

External Quotes

3. Fill in the Quote form, then click Preview to see how your Quote details will look like when sent to the client. Once done, hit Send. For a full guide on how to fill out a Quote form, refer to the article Using Quotes.

Quote form

You will get a confirmation message with a unique Quote link on your screen after sending the Quote. The link can be shared to other prospective clients by posting it on your website or through social media. You will have a project with whoever accepts your Quote first.


External Quote Sharing Project Fees

With our External Quote Sharing Project Fee promo*, the new external client who accepts pays 0% projects fees. Your project fees will also be reduced significantly to only 3% upon the acceptance of your quote. These reduced fees will also apply to any future projects between you and this specific Client.

*Normal project fee rates will apply after the promo. Other fees like processing fee for deposits and taxes still apply. For more information about the promo, you can check the Fees and Charges page.

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