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Withdrawal statuses

Requested withdrawals undergo status changes. Below is the list of what each status means for more details:

  • Pending: The request has been sent but is not yet processed. Refer to the cut-off and processing schedules below to know when to expect your withdrawal request to be processed.
  • Delayed: This applies to first-time withdrawals, where the funds will take 15 days to clear before processing. Subsequent withdrawals will then follow the normal processing schedules below.
  • Verified: The request has passed verification. It will be processed on the dates indicated on your Pending Withdrawals table.
  • Processing: The request is being processed. From this point, the funds will also show as “Locked” in your Transaction History. Within 24 hours, the funds will be unlocked and will be sent to your chosen withdrawal method. Once sent, you should get your funds following these timeframes:  
    • PayPal - within 24 hours
    • Skrill - within 24 hours
    • Payoneer / Freelancer Debit Card - within 24 hours
    • Express Withdrawal - within 2-3 business days
    • Wire Transfer - within 3-5 business days

Read more about time frames after withdrawal processing here.


Cut-off and Processing Schedules


If your request remains unprocessed past the indicated processing date, do not cancel it to submit a new one. Scroll down and click Contact Us so we can check.


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