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Putting Together a Quality Profile

To increase your chances of getting hired, you need to have a well-written and constructed profile. Having a better profile puts you in a better position in our freelancer search directory and leads to an increased chance of being hired.


Here are some suggestions for how you can make the perfect profile:


Profile Picture


profile picture


First impressions mean everything when it comes to being hired! For clients to trust the freelancer they will be working with, they need to know who the person is, for which having a good picture is a must. Use a professional looking photo of yourself that shows your face clearly. You can check our profile picture guidelines here.


Profile Headline


profile headline


Besides having a strong profile picture, it is important that clients know your expertise and how you can help them succeed with their projects. Having a good headline is also quite important. The headline of your profile should be short yet powerful. Uniquely describe the best service you are offering.


Here are some examples of good headlines:


Graphic Designers - Web Developers & SEO Specialist

Excel / VBA Expert | Data Analysis & Visualization

Ex-Google, 10 years of Machine Learning experience.


Display Name


display name


Ensure you are using your real name or business name (for corporate accounts) not just for the sake of compliance, but for earning credibility points from clients, as they will be sure how to properly address you when speaking with you.


Bio/Profile Description




Make your bio concise yet complete. Ensure that it has all the information that matters to clients. Remember that you are selling your service, so focus on what clients want to see. 


Tell them who you are, what you can do for them, and why they should choose you. Describe your qualifications and experiences. You can also include the best review you received from a recently completed project.


All this is best written in first-person perspective to have a direct connection with clients unless of course, you are a corporate account working with a team. Before posting, make sure that you proofread your summary for any grammatical errors and typos.


Here’s a good example of a proper profile description:




You can learn more about how to improve your profile summary here.





You can get into more specific details by using the portfolio section to showcase your best work. Present your work in gifs and videos to catch the attention of clients. Having at least 6 items in your portfolio guarantees that you will stand out.


If you have not completed a project yet, take exams relevant to your skills to show that you are capable of completing projects.


Previous experience and certifications



Highlight your education and work experience in this section. This will give your clients an in depth look at your previous jobs and the tasks involved. Add the title of the position, alongside a brief description of your responsibilities and accomplishments, with the period in which you worked there.


Here you can also add any relevant major projects that you completed on We also recommend adding any relevant certifications and publications that you may have.


Here's a simple checklist for you to review your profile:


  Professional Photo

  Powerful headline

  Well written, spelling, and grammar-checked summary that describes your key services

  Upload high-quality portfolio items matching your description and services

  Completing skill tests & exams, relevant to your expertise



Profile Don'ts


Example of a profile that need improvement:




Where this profile can be improved:


  Replace with a high-quality, professional profile photo

  Fix spelling and grammar mistakes

  Take exams relevant to skill/s

  Add portfolio items



Profile Do's


Example of a good, professional profile:




Why this profile is great:


  Professional profile picture

  Real Display Name

  Meaningful Bio

  Excellent persuasive tone

  Grammar mistake free

  Complete & Relevant portfolio


Still unsure of how to create the Perfect Profile? We can help!’s Perfect Profile Service

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The Perfect Profile service by is made to help you achieve that perfect-looking profile picture and bio that attracts clients. This service only costs $19 USD.


The service includes the following:


     (1) A profile picture edit where we can either blur out your background or replace your background with a colored one that complements your profile picture.


     (2) A profile summary or bio edit where we will rewrite your profile summary with at most 150 words.


If you are ready to revamp your profile, fill out this request form. Note that the Perfect Profile fee will immediately be applied upon submission of the form. From the date of submission, your profile will be updated within five (5) business days.


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