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Earnings Score

The Earnings Score represents a freelancer’s overall earnings from the projects and contests they have successfully completed on the site. Note that the projects and contests have to be completed and paid on in order for them to contribute to the Earnings Score.



On the Profile Page


A freelancer’s Earnings Score from all the projects and contests they have completed, regardless of the skills involved, is shown on their Profile page.




On the bid list of the project


The Earnings Score is also displayed on a freelancer’s bid card on the projects that they bid on. However, the score shown here is calculated from their completed projects and contests which share skills required as the project they placed a bid on.





How the Earnings Score increases 


The Earnings Score increases as a freelancer completes and gets paid on more projects and contests. The higher the score, the more earnings they need for it to increase further. Working on and completing high value projects and contests on the site will help the score move up faster.


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