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Manual Time Tracking for hourly projects

Invoices are now automatically generated depending on a freelancer’s tracked hours using the Freelancer Desktop App. However, freelancers can still also manually track hours, especially if completing the project requires being away from a computer.



Freelancers: manually tracking hours


     1.  Go to the project’s page.


     2.  Select the Time Tracker tab.


     3.  Under Manual Time Tracking, enter the number of hours you worked for. You can also edit the Start date of when those hours were rendered.


     4. Click Track hours.




Manually tracked hours will be paid each week (if automatic billing is enabled), along with the hours tracked using the Desktop App. Manual invoices will no longer be necessary to log hours that were not tracked through the app.


Deleting manually tracked hours will be possible as long as the invoice has not yet been generated.



Employers: understanding your freelancer's tracked hours


On your project page, you will be able to see your freelancer’s tracked hours under the Tracking tab.


Hours tracked using the Desktop App are presented in a solid color, while manually tracked hours have white stripes. In the example below, four hours were automatically tracked by the Desktop App last week and three hours this week were manually tracked.




Manually-tracked hours will be included in automatically-generated invoices if you have your weekly billing set up. Having them all in one invoice makes it easier for you to pay your freelancer.


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