AHK script that writes to the registry at specific times

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I wrote AutoHotkey script that will automatically write values to the registry based on information in a csv file. The csv file will contain specific dates and times as well as titles. The script should read from the csv file and write the titles to the registry at the dates and times listed in the csv file. The registry write would need to happen at 45 minutes prior to the "Event Start Time" listed in the csv. When the system time is not 45 minutes prior to, or after an event, the event title in the registry should default to no title. Client's review: The code Hamid wrote for me works exactly how I need it to. He was easy to work with and very fast. I have some other projects I'll definitely be seeking his help on. Thank you!

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Qualification: Masters in Computer Sciences I am a thorough communicator. Demonstrated expertise and key strengths include: ☞ Automating the tasks using AutoIt, AutoHotKey, C#, Java, WinAutomation and Ubot studio ☞ Emails automation of any kind ☞ Frontend web development using HTML, CSS, JQuery ☞ Automation of any kind for websites like CraigsList, Ebay, Amazon, [Ads Posting, Auto Reply, Captcha Bypass, Email Scraping] ☞ WebBrowsers Automation including Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox using iMacros, AutoIt, AutoHotKey, C# and Java ☞ Automating and building Applications and Scripts using Java, AutoIt, AutoHotKey and C# ☞ Implementing APIs by Google (Analytics, Maps, Adwords, Sheets) ☞ Data mining of any kind (images, text, emails, files) My core competency lies in Automating the repetitive tasks using scripts, and I'm seeking opportunities to build trust from the ground up for you and your business. I take my first project as to build long term relationship with my clients.

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