Work Information @ Management System

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Work Information @ Management System

This is an Intranet web application developed for a Large Govt. Organization for maintenance purpose of her office building and employees houses. This application has four main modules. These are MIS - Management information system will provide information of resources data will be placed according to role base. Central Stock - deals with type of matters related to items like steel, cement, bitumen,bulbs,and tube rods. It also manages sales of steel and cement to paf contractor to retailers. Account Management System - will maintain record of payment made to contractor with complete updated ledger. Conract Monitoring System - covers one of the key area of civil works it simulates entire contract management proceedure including MES SCHEDULE CONTRACT PERFORMANCE, LUMP SUM TENDER, PAYMENTS, WORK DONE REPORT. COMPLAINT MGMT SYSTEM - COVERS COMPLAINT FOR RESIDENTIAL AREA AND OFFICE AREA .

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