mass photo inspection

por alexbo
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mass automobile monitoring of outdoor advertising using 2 cameras NIKON D5100 shooting either automatically every 20 meteres or directed from remote control button

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Sobre Mim

Since September 2008 I provide regular reports of outdoor advertising sites in Rostov-on-Don (Russian Federation) and sporadic inspections in Schakhty (65 km from Rostov), Novotcherkassk (35 km), Krasnodar (250 km), Stavropol (330 km). Usually I'm payed to make shots of the certain objects of the certain address programm. Sometimes a mass monitoring around the city is required (either more detailed or more immediate made by semiautomatic cameras on the car). Night inspections are available too (both address and mass monitoring), as far as audit of indoor promotional materials (posters in the stores). 3,5 years of reporting made me know all about Rostov 6*3 meter sites: where to park the car, how to compose the picture etc. Two mates of mine help me sometimes. All this makes me certain that deadlines would be met. Another special interest of mine is linguistics. Since 2008 I'm a tutor of Ancient Greek, Latin and History of linguistics in Southern Federal University (Rostov-on-Don, Russia). In 2010 I attended a course of Bulgarian in Sofia University "St. Kliment Okhridsky" and passed the intermediate level test.