Arduino based NATCAR

por alexmotech
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NATCAR is a competition where teams build robots that follow a wire with an AC signal running through it. Using the magnetic field generated from the wire, the team senses the line and uses control algorithms to make follow the course as close as possible. I was team leader of this project and we built everything from the analog front end which took in the analog signal through three sensors magnetically coupled to the wire frequency, amplified it, rectified it, and level corrected it to microcontroller levels. From there, the microcontroller calculated the robot's position relative to the wire and steered accordingly using PID control. The microcontroller used was an Arduino mini. Our robot was the first to finish in the class and was quick to boot! Take a look at the video and see for yourself!

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Electrical engineer with bachelors degree in the subject with emphasis on circuit design. Works on microcontroller projects spanning gps, accelerometer, SD card, and more on spare time. Visit [login to view URL] to see what I've done!

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