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"A potential buyer posts an order for an item sought. This can be anything from clothes to houses, plumber services to legal advice. The more details describing the item (like budget, location, size, type, color, etc.) the better. The buyer may also define the winning criteria (ultimate price, delivery deadline or the shipment cost). Based on the information provided, our portal selects the relevant sellers to whom the order is sent. This is why it is essential for the prospective buyer to describe the item well, as the better the description, the closer the fit. The sellers make offers relating to the order posted by the buyer. All the offers are ranked in line with the winning criteria given by the buyer. The buyer may choose any offer among the offers made. The buyer is not obliged to select the top ranked (or any other) offer, just the one that she or he really likes." I was the Technical Coordinator and Lead Programmer in this project

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Agile software developer particularly interested in applications for bussiness which support company management (documents management, workflow fitted to ISO procedures), companies cooperation and customer relationship.

$25 USD/h