Small House with highly innovative look

por arqam25
Small House with highly innovative look

In this project again we maintained our design philosophy and successfully transformed our concepts into another masterpiece. The zigzag form of the building shows the continuous process of growth of the building and one can't predict when it is going to take its final shape and in which direction will it take its next turn and what it will be like in the future? No one knows. The windows are not created by making holes in the walls but are separate entities with their own individuality and same is true for walls. Both the windows and walls co-exist with each other yet maintaining their separate identity and complementing each other at the same time and if the windows or walls are removed from the building, the overall form doesn't get destroyed as in the case of ordinary buildings

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Sobre Mim

I am an Architect by profession with over 10 years of Design and Project Management experience. I am highly motivated and strictly follow time lines and very good in organizing and scheduling my working hours as each assignment needs dedication, extra ordinary attention to detail and several rechecks to weed out any errors or mistakes for the utmost satisfaction of the clients. We firmly believe that house is a mirror of your personality so each detail should be worked out with absolute attention and devotion therefore we thrive to produce excellent designs in terms of aesthetics as well as function. The house where we spend most of our lives should depict our feelings, emotions and sentiments and is equally our partner with whom we share feelings of happiness and sorrow. We thrive to study deep inside our clients and dig the inner self out so that the results of our inside can be depicted into real forms and spaces in order to get the ultimate living experience which soothes our inner self thus providing maximum comfort living in our homes. We try to create artistic forms which are inviting and not static. The building form, materials used, site context, topography, solar orientation, climate and views are all taken into consideration to create dynamic architecture. The rooms are located and designed in such a way in order to enhance an experience within the building that incite curiosity and sense of pleasure and the building unfolds itself during this experience rather than like an open play ground where the audience can see everything at once. We prefer to express the uniqueness of each site, its regional context and client objectives in the design. These expressions tend toward abstraction, allowing individual interpretation and meaning. Collectively our buildings contain a narrative that expresses optimism about our culture, technology and arts, evidencing their place in the 21st century. Our designs are not merely off the shelf; rather they are result of deep study and our design often leads toward form that are complex and unique while maintaining low costs and efficient construction solutions. The resultant is a building that responds to our clients needs and is a transformation of our client's inner self into a physical object. Our design recipe is simple, we try to merge the inside with outside in harmony with landscaping which act as the binding force between the two and once these ingredients are fully cooked, the resultant is a product with a unique and extra ordinary taste. Each space inside the house should must be carefully visualized and designed with absolute attention to detail, like the stairs should not be just a medium to go to another floor but a flight towards the sky; Your lawn not just a portion of the site to be accessed once during the evening but a place to be enjoyed 24 hours even from the inside of house; the house merged into the landscape of the outside world; your living room to be like sitting in the middle of a garden; your entrance to the house not just a door but an entrance to your empire which is ruled only by you as you have spent the whole day into the busy and noisy streets of the city, interacting with all kinds of people, looking at the manmade buildings all around, so it is time to enter you personal cocoon which not only protects you from the outside world but nourishes you as well; the windows should not be created to look at the neighbor's house but properly designed and created to give you soul nurturing view of nature; all the rooms not just placed around a living room but all the spaces to be designed to create an ultimate experience while moving inside the house by creating views, vistas and open air magnets so that a person maneuvers with a whole new experience at every turn inside the house and explores the house in bits and pieces with each part of the house presenting different feel and experience, a combination of both curiosity and excitement; a house truly to be transformation of your inner self. All these things should be carefully planned by the architect. Beauty, grace and most importantly essence are three main attributes of each design and the resultant product nourishes the people physically, mentally and emotionally to form a masterpiece which also strengthens the connection between the people who live in.

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