Screenplay Sample 1 - The Man Who Wasnt There

por BeyondThePale
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This is a shortened version of a screenplay I have already written and my agent is currently marketing. It is a sample expressing my personal writing style as well as my genre of choice.

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I am a hard working, creative screenwriter looking for an opportunity to get a foot into the industry. I have experience with using Final Draft and am currently working toward a bachelors degree in Digital Media. I have no professional experience in the sense, but I have a professional attitude and a work ethic which doarders on obsession. I write everyday, working on original screenplays. Currently, I am consistantly working on 12 original feature length screenplay and 2 pilots for television shows I have been considering. I have also written 42 treatments for a potential fantasy series (novels) which I have been writting, off and on, for the last 10 years. I am not yet interested in selling my original ideas, but I am willing to work with others to develope original concepts and, for an agreed upon fee, write the intended screenplay. I hope that these qualifications are sufficient for your needs, and if they are I will be looking forward to working with you in the (hopefully) near future. Note: I am not interested in hourly wage as much as flat fees.

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