Child at play

por blueice89101

Child paying in the water and looks like he is having a great time.

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I have been doing photo restoration for about five years now. I got the photo bug a couple of years ago and started taking different classes here and there. The more I looked through the view finder the more I WAS HOOKED. I wanted to be a better photographer and subsequently enrolled in the New York Institute of Photography's "Professional Photography Course" and I'm loving every minute of it. I learn more every day about lighting, settings on my camera, portrait taking and positioning the person for the best shot. I'm also learning to take great "spur of the moment" or "natural" shots. Those type of photos are, in my opinion, the best - especially with children and pets. They are the most fun to work with I think. The more photos I take, the more I want to learn. I have not yet experienced taking all the different types of photos a photographer can take, but I want to - I especially want to do some photo-journalism. I am constantly looking at photographs other amazing photographers have taken so I can get even more ideas of the types of shots I can take or may want to try. Not just the basics of stand here, or do this, type of thing. With each shot I know I am getting better and one day I will get that one perfect shot that will just blow everyone away - the shot that every professional photographer dreams of. Till then I keep my camera at the ready and my finger on the shutter button.

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