Saas for managing/assessing employees of store chains

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An ongoing Rails project of maintaining and improving the company\'s core product, which is a Saas for managing/assessing employees.\n\n* Automated tests: from no tests the project was improved to a reasonable coverage with rspec (~69%), capybara, phantomjs\n* Refactorings: Rails stack was updated from 3.1 to 4.2, db was migrated from MySql to PostgreSQL, \n* Role/security system migrated to pundit, \n* Frontend is being migrated to Bootstrap\n* Performance optimizations: by reducing the query numbers and/or optimizing queries\n* Deployments: improved capistrano based deployments Amazon EC2\n* Many features involved reporting which was implemented with D3\n* Theming: implemented theming feature with scss and assets pipeline\n* New features: various new features was implemented on both backend and frontend.

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Senior developer in with wide range of skills: Ruby on Rails, Cocoa, C++ Linux, TCP/IP, python. I like technically challenging jobs, and i do write beautiful code with tests. I'm net-ssh maitainer, and i have multiple patches in rails.

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