Monitoring amazon instances

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This sample code was written to monitor instance on Amazon Ec2 Cloud. This file reads the inputxml file/conf file and iteratively monitros all the instances.

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We all have little more than 7 years experience in testing various types of applications with following skills. Professional Summary A Total Experience of 7 years in product Testing with 2 years in Product Support and Professional services ( with Leading Team, Automation, Performance Testing, Scripting, Virtualization/Cloud, Directory Servers Experience) Leading/Monitoring Experience: 4 years of experience in leading teams of small sizes (QA/Support/OPs) Assigning and Tracking testing efforts. Estimating the testing efforts for releases. Conducting Knowledge Transfer sessions on features/new technologies. Taking Status/Reviewing the test-cases. Generating Reports through TestLink for testing efforts/test coverage. Modifying the Prorities of Issues based on customer urgency and impact of the issues. Monitoring/Training the support/OPS team for support/operations of product deployed on Cloud. Creation of Testplans Tracking the effort through TestLink. Allocation of the Schedules for support team Process Oriented Experience: Analyzing root cause of bugs and classifying them to different sections. Setting up TestLink for test efforts tracking and test case writing Writing UseCases for requirements. Tracking builds and jumbling priorities based on releases. Designing UseCases/Browser/OS combination matrix for alpha Testing. Writing/Implementing TestPlans. Support Experience: 2 years of Experience in supporting applications deployed on EC2 VPC. Fast Reaction and resolution to issues faced by Customers using EC2 VPC Services. Giving 24/7 Support.. Training New Members on Support. Automating the support and Operation Process. Automating Installing and configuring the product on servers. Laying out plans/Carrying out upgrading the product on EC2 VPC(virtual private Cloud). Automation of Operations Tasks for EC2 VPC Automation of Product Installation and Configuring on EC2 VPC Automation of Monitoring/Alerts of the product/Instances on Cloud (Using Nagios/Munin). Client Interation: 2 Experience in Interacting with Customers. Interacting with customer to understanding the issues of the customers/ reproducing on dev/test environments Installing and Configuring the product at Customer location Planning the Installation of the product well ahead and requesting the Clients to provide the necessary hardware/configs/backups/restoration etc. Understanding the Customer Requirements and Installing/Configuring the product as their Needs. Dynamic Automation of small time consuming tasks like data transfer/data migration/configuration migration/DB migration/DB updation/DB dumps/data Backup/data restore/installations/configurations at the Customer location. Virtualization/Cloud Experience: Experience in Installing/Configuring/Maintaining Private Cloud. Installing and Configuring Open Nebula to manage Private Cloud. Written a Perl wrapper to setup cloud using OpenNebula 1.4 Creating a New AMI Image to deploy on EC2 Amazon Cloud. Automation of Creating NEW AMI Image for EC2. Experience in working with Amazon EC2 Cloud. Experience in working with Amazon EC2 VPC. Automating the Consuming the AMAZON EC2 APIs Using Perl for various operations on AMAZON EC2. Experience in working with various Hypervisors like VMWare (server, player, ESXI) and Virtual PC. Deploying and Configuring VMWare ESXI server. Automation of Ec2Cloud operations using perl/Amazon APIs.(like creation,deletion,modifications of demand/spot/reservered/RDS Instances) Automation of managing AMIs/EBS/snapshots/VPCs/Subnets/RDS /CloudWatch/groups/IPs of Amazon Installing and deploying of applications on Cloud. Automation of Monitoring instances on Ec2 Cloud instances using (perl/Nagios) Experience in Installing/configuring Cloud using OpenStack.(Diablo) Directory Servers Experience: Installing/Configuring/Managing 389-ds on Cent-OS. Installing/Configuring OpenLDAP. Automating the processes of creating bulk data in 389-ds. User Level Exp in using Active Directory. Automation of creating users in AD/openldap/389-ds. Automation and Performance Testing Experience: 4 years of Experience in designing Automation Frame works (Functional/Performance Frameworks both). 6 years of experiece in Automating applications using shell/Perl scripting. 2 years of experiece in automating webApplications using Ruby (Watir). 2 years of experience in Automating XML/RPCs in Python. 2 year of exp in Automation of WEB UI using Selenium. 3 years of Exp in conducting performance testing using Jmeter. Automation of the Web-services/XML RPC funcationality Using Perl/Python. Automating Performance testing of Web-services/XML RPC Using Perl/Ant/Jmeter. Integration of Performance Testing/Fucntional testing in Hudson. Automation of Performance Testing using Perl, Jmeter and Ant. Automation of Backup of system using rsnapshot. Automation of Installing the OS using PXE Boot. Build deployment Automation using Capistrano. Writing Product deploying Scripts. Porting an Application from 32-bit to 64-bit.

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