Wedding Invitations

por cbdesigns7
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I have been designing wedding invitations for 15 years now. I tend to use colours and materials that are being used in the wedding itself. What is unique about what I can offer is that I type up the guest list and use this to run a mail merge facility into the wedding invitations in order that the Guests' names are merged into the invitations to ensure the same typestyle is used throughout. Labels/envelopes can also be produced from this method. I do offer the facility to hand write the Guests' names in calligraphy if wished.

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I have 22 years in the administrative/ design industry. I have been designing wedding invitations for many years and incorporate my administrative skills into this by producing a database of guests and merging this into the invitations. I have a love for graphic design and love producing designs for the client to meet their needs. I have produced stationery for friends/clients using graphic design to make something meaningful for the client. Experience also includes proof reading (worked in newspaper industry), responsible for compiling and typing up articles/reports/company documentation, editing and proof reading. I have a love for painting/drawing and have produced pictures through using the medium of 3d design, finishing with a cold glaze prior to framing. This technique can be used to produce pictures suitable for the individual client in relation to their hobbies/work. You name it I can produce it....

$18 USD/h