por Choscura

This is an image I found on google and cleaned up. there were tears, wrinkles, stains, water damage, and debris on the original image, and significan portions were missing (eg, top portion of sleeve from right arm, much of the pattern from the blanket under right arm was damaged, etc). This is about and hour's worth of work to get it to this point.

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Sobre Mim

Where to begin? My professional career has seen me organizing the logistics of alcohol distribution and negotiating contracts for this in Thai, doing translation work and research in Thai texts which I summarized in English in formal Academic writing, I've done industrial photography of electronic products and food for labels and so on, and the Photoshop touchup, for clients like HP and Albertson's. I attended university without graduating, and spent 2 years in an IT degree comparable to Computer Science ("Computer Information Systems") and was able to help some of the other students with their homework, and also got my share of help from them, and have been programming ever since in languages ranging from C to Go to Python to Java *and* C# to dabbling with things like lua, lisp, haskell, php, and learning a variety of minor scripts and markup languages, like HTML and JS. Basically I'm a self taught combo linguist historian engineer programmer, from pirated education materials online.

$25 USD/h