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Tage Lindblom:(test url: http://levantestserver.info/tage) Website of a food company. Smart design but no user area and payment integration Best because used latest joomla technology, Joomla2.5 With a total of 3 newly built components for product, recipe and brands And featured module development (at least 6) Including searh module, Joomla 2.5 doesn't support joomfish hence to provide multi language support, had to code from scratch. Latest joomla database structure with left child and right child is used for manipulating efficient output for 1000s of recipes or products. Another features with the dynamic background image which admin can administer from admin panel.

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Sobre Mim

Hi All, This is Engineer Abdullah Al Murad from Dhaka Bangladesh, I've been programming since 2005 and I'm really good @ PHP. If you're facing a problem that no-one can help you by solving it, I'd request you to try me once. I know once you choose me, you will give me further works and that's. About me: I've really good @ PHP (any framwork or CMS,), MySQL, AJAX, JQuery, CSS3, HTML5, HTML. Looking forward to a challenge by anyone.

$10 USD/h