H-Bridge (System Diagram and PCB Layout)

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H-Bridge (System Diagram and PCB Layout)
H-Bridge (System Diagram and PCB Layout)

Design, PCB layout, and fabrication of a high efficiency H-Bridge used in a thermoelectric heater/cooler application. H-Bridge was capable of operating at thermoelectric loads up to 50 VDC at 3 Amps (150 watts), with total device power dissipation of approximately 1/3 watt (99.7% operating efficiency at this load). Design used NMOS power transistors for both the high and low side of the H-Bridge. PCB layout was 6 layers with dimensions 2.55" x .85". 100 H-Bridges were manufactured and epoxy potted into 2.69" x 1" x .725" potting shells, with a 12 pin SIP lead electrical interface. Electronics design detected every possible overcurrent condition, and also monitored device temperature. Upon detection of a fault (overcurrent and/or overtemperature), the H-Bridge would automatically shut down and signal an error condition to an embedded processor. The H-Bridge could be restarted, but only upon removal of the fault condition.

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