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The Network Media Player play the streams received from the centralized server through WiFi/3G connectivity. This player is deployed as Digital signage board in public places to display the advertisement, announcements etc.

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EmbDes Technologies provides end-end Product Engineering Services in embedded domain, includes Design Consultancy and Development services at every stage of the Product Design, right from the Product Specification/Requirements to Product solution in time for our customer. Following are the expertise we have got. Embedded Systems: Networks Processors : MPC8360E, MPC8568E., AR7161 from Atheros, RTL Voip controller, Mobile Processors : [login to view URL], [login to view URL] ( Freescale ) Multi Media Processor : OMAP3, OMAP4 DSP : MSC8144 from Freescale, BF536 from AD, TI 64X, G24 from Globespan Assembly Languages : ARM, Power PC, ATMEL AVR, ATMEL 89C5X, 8085. Softwares Known : C, C++, Java, Perl, Shell Mobile frame work: QT, Android, MeeGo Micro Controller : Atmel AVR, 8051. Micro Processor : 8085, Tiger Basic. Operating System : Windows, MS-DOS, Linux. Freescale QE Microcode : SS7, MCC, Serial ATM, ATM Controller. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Open Source: Linux Kernel : Linux 2.4.20, Linux 2.6.10, Linux 2.6.18, Linux 2.6.22. Linux Device Drivers : Character, PCI and Network device drivers. Boot Loaders : U-Boot ( MPC8360, S3C2440 ), Red Boot ( [login to view URL], [login to view URL] ) Open Source Framework : Asterisk, Freeswitch, OPIE Mobile Framework, Linux Streams. Software Version Control : CVS, Git, svn ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Telecom Domain: Line Interfaces : FXS, FXO, T1 / E1, OC3 / STM-1. Telecom Signaling standards : ISDN-PRI, FXS and FXO. SS7 Line Interfaces : Low Speed Line ( MTP2 ), High Speed Line . SS7 Signaling Standards : MTP, ISUP, SCCP, TCAP,SAAL, SSCOP, SSCF. SS7 IP Signaling standard : SCTP, M2UA, M3UA, BSSMAP, DTAP. Protocols Known : TCP/IP, SIP, RTP, RTCP, MGCP, VLAN. GSM Network Interface : GSM A Interface ( BSC and MSC ). Video Telephony : H-324M, MPEG4 H.264, H.263 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Interface & Linux Driver: High Speed Interconnect : PCI, PCIe, USB, SDIO. Audio / Voice Interfaces : I2S, AC97, TDM. Low speed interconnect : SPI, USART, I2C. Ethernet PHY interface : MII, RMII, RGMII. Debugging Interface : JTAG, Debug WIRE. Hardware Peripherals : T1/E1 Framer, STM1 Framer, Ethernet PHY, Ethernet Switch, TSI, PCI/PCIe Bridge, FPGA, CPLD, DDR3, DDR2, DDR, SDRAM, NAND & NOR FLASH, SRAM, EEPROM, FXO/FXS Hardware Interfaces :PCI, PCIe, RGMII, GMII, RSGMII, SGMII, MII, RMII, TDM, I2C, SPI, Local Bus, Telecom Bus, UTOPIA, USB, DVI ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Product / Software System Architecture: Telecom Domain : STM-1 Media Gateway, E1-PCIe Card. Voice / Video : DSP System architecture for E1 Media Gateway. Zaptel Driver : Zapata Telephony card HDLC based system development. WIFI IRAC : ISUP RTP Audio Channel System Architecture. Consumer Product: Digital Signage Player, EReader, POS terminal, GSM based control System, ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Telecom Services: Providing platform to run VAS services over E1/T1 Lines. SMSC server for bulk push and USSD services IVRS for Hospital, Schools and Colleges SMS and IVRS based advertisements LBS Services

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