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$55 USD / hora
Bandeira do(a) ARGENTINA
san martin de los andes, argentina
$55 USD / hora
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Ingressou em agosto 12, 2005
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Fabian P.


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$55 USD / hora
Bandeira do(a) ARGENTINA
san martin de los andes, argentina
$55 USD / hora
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Software & Database Architect - Design and implementation - Scripting

Fabian Pustelnik US phone: [login to view URL] / Argentinean Phone [login to view URL] email: – gTalk: fabianP – Skype: fpustelnik Professional Summary Analysis and develop solutions for the improvement of the information management system. Professional Experience System Architecture and Web Applications Development Critical path analysis in order to present clients resources and capabilities using cutting edge technology to improve the internal functioning through data sharing and process optimization. • System architecture and design. • Write technical specifications. • Critical path analysis. • Train personnel in the use of new technologies. Internal Management Information System and Quality Assurance Improve key procedures and information gathering to present better decision tools to the management, setting controls in place for quality control and assurance. • Research key procedures and flow of data. • Identify points of quality control and assurance. • Produce reports for the management to allow better decision-making procedures. Database Development, Management, Analysis and Mining Design, optimize and manage databases to improve the quality of the information, allow for fast data retrieval, better analysis, mining capabilities and transactional procedures. • Database architecture. • Performance tuning. • Transaction (OLTP) and Cube (OLAP) systems. • Queries, Stored Procedures, Batch development and optimization. User Interface Design and Programming Design and program the usability procedures for the different layers and functions, considering information needs, procedures and security. • Usability assessment. • Security assessment. • Management consultation to improve the use of information. • Thin client-server interface programming. • User Interface programming using Cold Fusion, Cold Fusion MX, ASP, ,NET, COM, HTML, DHMTL, JavaScript, PHP and other languages. • Facebook and Google API programming and integration. Clients Samples Note: Due to the confidential and/or private nature of many of my projects only front ends are showing their web addresses. I can set up a videoconference tour if interested in seeing back ends that requires login. Project Samples - Loppex ([login to view URL]) Preapare a financial bidding and share sales system for production. Lead an existing team of developers in optimize, re-architect and fix bugs of a financial application to make it ready for production. CF 9, mySQL and msSQL on Windows 2008 and Linux platform. DB optimization, securing web services, CF security and code optimization, installation, document the system and the installation steps. Load testing and user tracking implementation. - Maple Street ([login to view URL]) Create and implement a banking risk rating system, including file manager for contracts, processing and digitalization. Security system for files, Cold Fusion programming, data base design, stored procedures coding and business logic implementation. Intranet. - 1st Security USA ([login to view URL]) Design and implement a Customer Management Record System to manage sales, from leads to customers, including phone calls, security system design, parts and pricing, Transunion credit check integration via API, Credit Card Processing and Docusign dynamic document generation and signature. - Datebid ([login to view URL]) Architecture and planning. Database optimization. Stored Procedures and maintenance plans. Cold Fusion coding and various Facebook API implementation (oAuth 2.0, Graph, Canvas). Amazon AWS storage and retrieval implementation. iPhone API and System Routines. - SIlkRoad ([login to view URL]) Coding on various versions of the site, implementing dynamic translation tags, SQL Stored Procedures, Coldfusion tags under Fusebox 5. - Asset Oversight ([login to view URL]) WhitecapAdvisors ([login to view URL]) Login Required for most parts. Specs, database design and SQL / Cold Fusion coding. Design & implementation. Report system that exposes financial information. Data warehousing, filters, chart, sorting capabilities, dynamic formulas & data types, aggregation and segmentation. - Rabbi Fohrman ([login to view URL]) API integration with Google Maps & Google Calendar. Cold Fusion sections in front end. Complete backend & database. - The Salty Dog ([login to view URL]) Back end system to update listing. Consume and process xml feed via webservice to automatically update listings from different providers. 21st Century Fox – Fox Home Entertainment Contractor. Telecommuting Architect and develop an E-CRM system to allow data collection, mass communication, OLAP analysis and campaign planning and deployment across the Fox Home Division websites. • Requirements, planning and architecture for an E-CRM system. • Develop a database that currently holds 300,000,000 records without degrading performance. • Consult with the management and program the user interface for deploying campaigns. • Design and program the reporting interface including OLAP capabilities to run campaign analysis. • Design and program a system to deliver secure video streaming over the Internet using latest encryption technology. • Used MS SQL 2000, MS SQL 2000 Analysis services, ASP, Cold Fusion, Windows Media Services, IIS 5 and COM objects. Sony Contractor. Telecommuting Re-architect, design and develop their public site and private intranet to match the requirements of a multi-country operation. • Set up requirements and goals with the client. • Design and program the public site: [login to view URL] • Adjust the documentation they use to match the requirements across branches. • Develop and set up a system where different offices can upload data and synchronize information. • Program the back end, user interface and reporting system to support data sharing and fast-decision taking between multiple countries. • Integrate with MS Word, Acrobat PDF and MS Excel to import and export data. • DCOM objects to dynamically read/update data across Microsoft Desktop Programs Altus Learning Systems [login to view URL] Contractor. Telecommuting vProject 2.0 Functional specifications, database design, back and front end and implementation of their Project Management System. • Interact with project managers and develop the functional specs. • Implement and train people in use a video/audio conference technology to maintain weekly meetings with the technology team. • Design the system, security model and choose the technology. • Implement the database, triggers, stored procedures and DTS packages on MS SQL 2000. • Design and code the back and front end in Cold Fusion 5 • QA, bug tracking and adjustment • Final Deployment vProject 3.0 Adding functionality for the new version. • Develop a reporting module, capable of reporting automatically from any database view, schedule and email reports. Adding security to provide reports by clients. • Added a survey system to track client satisfaction. • Added a ‘Templates’ sub system to have projects pre-built and apply to current projects, lowering times to design a project schedule. • Added security, new users types, email notifications and automatic status changes to projects and tasks. • QA, bug tracking and adjustment • Final Deployment vProject 4.0 and 5.0 Adding functionality for new versions. Based on client and user input, develop new specifications, interact with marketing people, generate agreements and arrive to final specs. Update the system to new CF versions, adding new functionality, upgrade to new MS SQL versions, coding, installing, training, QA’ing and write online help files. vPortal 2.0 Research, design and implementation of a Video Hosting Solution oriented toward giving the client a Portal to show Real and Windows videos and a back end to track video usage. CFMX and MS SQL. • Gather requirement from directors, marketing, managers and technical people. • Prepare the functional specification. Research available products. • Implement the complete system, including - Database: design, implementation, DTS and Stored Procedures - Log parsing: automated routines to parse Real and Windows servers logs - UI: front-end, security and administration - Reporting: tabular and graphical. - OLAP Reporting: create cubes, displays, graphic displays and web based pivot tables. vPortal VS Developed a stand alone application based on the vPortal 2.0 model CFX_ValidateURL Tag to download the first 200 bytes of a given URL and check if URL exist or what type of error the server returns. C++ CF_WMData Tag to return the duration and bit rate of a given media file, using the Windows Media Player COM+ methods. Doha Bank Private Intranet Contractor. Telecommuting. Business logic and technical consultant. Functional and technical specifications to comply with government laws to allow flagging and searching suspicious wire transfers both in real time and over a past period. Database design, coding, installation, maintenance and updates. Assistmed [login to view URL] [login to view URL] Contractor. Telecommuting. Senior Consultant Develop their web strategy and programming their database, website, business logic, gateway, HL7 connection and integration with other clients and vendors. Dictaide is a transcription system that interacts with PDA’s and Cell Phones through MMS and CF7 Gateways, and allows for dictation on mobile devices as well as on and off line, remote transcription, e-signature and approval. • Write requirements, system design, and functional and technical specifications. • Database Design, stored procedures and complex queries. • Lead a group of programmers • Install HL7 software • Develop HL7 software to communicate to clients and vendors • Co-Developed a [login to view URL] in C# application for dictation, audio tagging, demographic searches and edition of documents. • Create and configure gateways for MMS and Sockets communication. • Design XML and Web Services for a complete flexible interaction with Client-Defined demographic fields. • Programming the administration, user interface and front end • Programming the client site, transcriptions site and administrative site. • Writing specs for standard integration through web services with providers and vendors. Lead a group of 4 programmers. Coding. Integrating. Quality assurance. UCLA – Philosophy Website Contractor. Telecommuting Develop the informational intranet for the department of philosophy at UCLA. • Write requirements and system design. • Develop the database to support personnel updates; faculty and alumni mail system and communication between departments. • Program the administrative and front-end ([login to view URL]) interface using PHP and mySQL UCLA – ISECS Website and Backend Contractor. Telecommuting • Conference Site • Allow scheduling of conference meetings and conflict checker by time or room. • Front End: Design and display • Back End: Routines to enter time/room/speakers and to check and resolve conflicts • Front End can be seen at: [login to view URL] UCLA – SASS Website and Backend Contractor. Telecommuting Generalize the conference site to be used for other departments. Creating a master holding database and transforming the system in an ASP model. UCLA – ISSECS Website and Backend Contractor. Telecommuting Website and Backend Citic Bank Private Intranet Contractor. Telecommuting Adapting Doha Bank System. Training. Coding changes. Database design, coding, installation, maintenance and updates. Online Corporation – Hosting Provider Contractor. Telecommuting Develop various projects for their clients • Database design and Cold Fusion programming for TVA Club ([login to view URL]) • Database design and Cold Fusion programming for Mystical Vacations ([login to view URL]) • Database design and Cold Fusion programming for 500Promotions • Database design, web services, XML, components and Cold Fusion Programming for Surftix ([login to view URL]) Dynaprice Contractor. Telecommuting. CF_Prettify Develop a tag to parse mainframe text and data into human readable form Senior Consultant. Develop various aspects of their system integration including Paypal gateway, [login to view URL] gateway, ordering, credit card processing. Business logic, technical specifications, database design and programming, Cold Fusion coding. Worxs [login to view URL] Consulting. Telecommuting Develop a Retailer Point-of-Sale System for this company in a team with 3 other programmers. CFMX, [login to view URL] and MSSQL. • Database Design • Technical specifications • Consulting with client and retailers • Coding in MX and [login to view URL]. • Creating the scripts for automatic deployment and configuration in client’s servers. • Testing and QA • Deployment • Developing a tag to communicate with Experian to pull reports and report back to their legacy system in CFMX and XML Systrackinc ([login to view URL]) Consulting. Telecommuting Concept, architect and lead a team of developers to build a complete interactive system to perform database analysis on OLAP and OLTP servers. Consultant for this company since 1998. • Optimize client-server technology across the system. • Develop re-usable code to improve developing speed. • Optimize and tune database. • Develop an interactive help system. • Leading and mentor their team • Write installation and configuration procedures. • Integrate with external technologies (Sybase, Java Chart, Flash Maps) MX Chart Server Developing the specs, Cold Fusion MX Components and .Net Web Services section of a Flash MX Chart Server Hunter Group ([login to view URL]) Consulting. Telecommuting Senior Consultant for this holding of 9 companies. Developed their whole web strategy as well as their sites, back ends, administrations, and information flow system. • Hunter Group ([login to view URL]) - Flash - Front End - Administration including Accounting System • Hitech Security ([login to view URL]) - Developed the concept for an Artifical Inteligence security system - Implemented image-processing routines - Scripted actions on triggers - Developed wireless connection methodology for self standing units • AsoSports ([login to view URL]) - Coordinating and developing a nine region site devoted to sports - Front End and Back End - Dynamic generation and creation of pages - Database design • Resources & Technology ([login to view URL]) - E-commerce site - Vendors integration including Ingram Micro, Tech Data, Aczerty and others - Order Placement - Credit Card Processing - Accounting, Administration & Order Processing • Developing of a state-of-the-art artificial intelligence surveillance system using Visual Basic. Managing a group of 3 programmers. Designing specs, both hardware and software, interfacing with high resolution cameras, developed algorithms to detect intrusion and transmitting images over the web. Other Clients and Sites • Macromedia o Tags Posted: CF_ReadExcel: Tag to read Excel spreadsheets, sections, ranges or find specific data, using Office 2000 COM+.  URL: [login to view URL] • Coordinize, Inc o Concept, Functional specs, design and develop. • Trillium (an Intel Company) o Develop a mining model; integrate five different db systems, servers’ optimization, support and training. • EduAdvantage, LLC o Complete e-commerce site. Front and Back End • Jewelry Brazil o Jewelry e-commerce site and administration. • Iposcan o Complete Site and Agent. • [login to view URL] o DBA work. Performance optimization and stored procedures. • [login to view URL] o Design and developed full e-commerce site • [login to view URL] o Design and developed full e-commerce site • City [login to view URL] o Design and develop • [login to view URL] o Design and developed this full e-commerce site. • Cleargreen o Design, developed and maintain front and back end. • WorldSite Networks – ISP o 7 projects for various clients • Slevin Industries – ISP o 9 projects for various clients • [login to view URL] o Complete front and back end. Auction system. Client security. • SEI Consultant o 3 projects for various clients • California Credit Union League o Re-engineering their back end. • Dr. Soda • [login to view URL] • American Pacific College • Imagencard • Bahurang Skills 16 years experience on analysis, functional specifications, business logic, project management, system design, data transformation and hands-on programming. 12 years experience on Internet technologies. Expert: Cold Fusion (all versions): • Coding. • Developing Custom Tags. • CFC Components. Frameworks • OOP. Segregation. Inheritance. • Security and Advanced Security. • Server Installation and configuration • Server tuning and optimization. MS SQL, mySQL and NOSQL: • Complex queries. • Stored Procedures. • Functions • XML Queries • Database Design and Architecture. • Database Tuning. Performance analysis and reporting. • OLAP • Server installation, configuration, maintenance and performance optimization. • Distributed Queries, linked servers and DTS packages. • Automation Web, e-Commerce, Backend, Automation: • Client Interaction, Functional and Technical specification writing. • Back End and Front End design. UI centrix designs. • Scripting, Database. API integration. Rest. SOAP. Web Services as consumer and as provider. • Documentation. • Security. Encriyption. oAuth. Others. • Credit Card Processors and Gateways implementations • Shopping Carts • EDI interaction with Legacy systems. • Cross browser compatibility • POP, SMTP and exchange server integration • Data Scrapping. • Data mining and Ad Serving technologies. Audio and Video Technologies: • Codecs • Compression. Format conversions. • Post Production. Platform delivery. • Encoding for multiple platforms and/or bandwidths. Education 1983 - 1987 University of Technology Buenos Aires, Argentina BA Computer Science 1977 - 1983 ORT (technical high school) Buenos Aires, Argentina Specialized in Computer Systems Other Entrepreneurial. Fast thinker. Self-learning. Team player. Spanish and English fluent. Good communication. Creative. Love challenges. Work without supervision References Available upon request.

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