Image processing

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Image processing PCB Card 8 layers contains (TMS6416 DSP, 2 SDRAM, Altera EP3C16Q240 FPGA, SRAM, Altera MAXII CPLD, DAC, ADC, Max323 and power circuit)

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Sobre Mim

Electronic Engineer over 6 years experiecne in image processing, audio processing, microcontroller, FPGA, hardware R&D Experienced DDR2,DDR3, DC-DC, WIFI, Bluetooth, GPS Module, PCI standard compliant Video Card,...etc. Rich experience in multilayer board design(blind and bury vias). Include trace impedance control, ESD, and EMI noise suppression. Hight power, High capacity, Small size, High-speed digital signal board design and Analog RF board design.

$50 USD/h