MyPAL: Frankie - Talking Baby Genius

por greensamuelm
MyPAL: Frankie - Talking Baby Genius

Talk to Frankie, she will repeat anything you say in her cute voice. Pet Frankie's head and see her fly! Touch her trunk and see her giggle with a wink. Tickle her hands, then tickle her tummy. Touch her left foot then her right foot, see what Frankie does! Press the apple button to feed Frankie her favorite fruit.

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Since the release of the iPhone I have been developing games for iOS. This is a true passion that I intend to follow. But my experience doesn't end there, I also work with Android on a day to day basis, and I am even familiar with modern web technologies, such as HTML5, Canvas, and CSS3. If you want a game designed, developed, or finished I am probably the best person to contact. I have also been to known to take on a productivity application once in a while. :)

$32 USD/h