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por Ikidna
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A web content managment system for wow tbc emulators. Few snipps provided... #facebook style top navigation bar - visible on every page - icons change color based on new messages, friend requests ... - navigation list expands for sub pages - login form gets replaced with user form upon login #realm status boxes on the left - read from xml file for performance (a script updates the xml ever 5 min) - on mouseover expands to reveal more info about specific realm #news page - shows a list of news from database - basic info text and small image - upon clicking the title, full detailed text version is displayed with large image - cached for performance and less DB querying #bottom navigation bar - all navigation items once again with all sub categories - visible on every page as well as top navigation bar -- work in progress -- university project - not for sale, not public

image of username Ikidna Flag of Croatia Zagreb, Croatia

Sobre Mim

Computer engineering student on Polytehnic in Zagreb

$5 USD/h

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