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Experimental Art Meeting aka EAM an event in Romania that had a theme which the artists could react to and the audience would have a more deeper understanding of an idea since they could experience it trough music, fine arts, video-arts, installation, theater and some others hardly even fitting in any determined description. The concept behind the poster tries to reflect this idea. The lines, threads coming from apart are combed together by the EAM, and while going trough an audio-visual-motion-theater experience in an old, abandoned environment, they together form a new creation, possibly a new life form of art. Within this creation, within this art there is a connection the tiniest connection that surely connects all of them and that is one cycle of vibration, an oscillation, an energy that brings to motion every artist.

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Sobre Mim

My name is Zsolt, I've been involved in visual arts since the age of 7. I'd been in arts school for 12 years than graduated university of graphic design and history of fine arts. I've been working as designer in several different industries like medicine, food industry, game industry, advertising and for the past few years I've been running a small team of graphic designers in my country.

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