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Embedded software

The software for a monitoring device which establishes a connection between the gauge instruments and the central server was developed by ITware. The hardware for which the embedded software was created is the ethernet-serial server SE5302 of ATOP Technologies. The software on one hand ensures the publication of data in a local area network, measured by the gauge instruments which are connected to the SE5302 by a serial port, and on the other hand the transmittal of those data to the requesting server. It was also among the tasks to ensure the functionality of the similar GW51C device - handling 13 devices, such as thermometer, light metre, sound gauge, oxygen gauge, and humidity. The software works with two gauge instruments simultaneously, it fulfils the operational tasks controlled by the trigger, sends measurement results by email, and finally it corrects the mistakes of the older version of communications protocol.

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ITware is an experienced IT service provider, with a professional team, providing full scale, made-to-fit solutions to its partners, in an extremely flexible manner. The privately owned, Hungarian company was founded in 2001 and its main profile is software development.

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