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san carlos centro, argentina
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Bandeira do(a) ARGENTINA
san carlos centro, argentina
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> Native Language: Spanish. > Target Language: Spanish. > Source Language: English. > Service Types: Translation Services, Proofreading/copywriting. > Specializations: Advertisement/Marketing, Arts, Education/Training, Song lyrics/Poetry, Film - Theatre, Health and Beauty, Internet/Multimedia, Computers/IT, Journalism - Press, Literature/Publishing, Instructions/Manuals, Social Sciences, Media/Broadcasting, and Theology - Religion. > Software: CAT: SDLX, Trados, Star Transit, Déjà vu, Passolo, Idiom. Others: MS Office, Adobe Acrobat, PDF > Word converter, Corel Draw, InDesign > Certifications and Professional Affiliations: Certified Technical, Scientific and Literary Translator. Writer of fiction, non-fiction, poetic, journalistic, copyright and creative pieces. Member of the "Colegio de Traductores de la Provincia de Santa Fe" (Argentina) > Relevant Translation Experience: RELIGIOUS - SPIRITUAL - UPLIFTING MATERIAL - SELF-HELP FIRST LOVE CHRISTIAN CHURCH, USA: Translation into Spanish of: Power of Tears, Sweat and Blood (book by Pastor Sun Warren) Take Me Under Your Wings (book by Pastor Sun Warren) Shepherd’s Heart (book by Pastor Sun Warren) TSG GLOTAS, SPAIN: Holy Family Chapel - Bulletin and Service Schedule (see more projects for this agency below) STUDIO MELCHIOR, ITALY: Literature on Joseph Pilates’ method - exercises and diet (see more projects for this agency below) MINCOR: Translation proofreading of "The Great Ones," by author Ridgely Goldsborough Translation of 5 short stories by author Ridgely Goldsborough NON-CORPORATE TRANSLATIONS: Translation of: -Are you an Indigo? -Awakening Symptoms -Dark Night of the Soul -Indigo Traits -Excerpts of The Book of Storms (by Jad Alexander) - A book on Empathy (volunteer work) -Portion of Peace Pilgrim DVD (volunteer work) ENVIRONMENT Translation on recycling program (for Studio Melchior agency) Volunteer translations for AIDA (human rights and environmental protection) Volunteer translations for CEDHA (human rights and environmental protection) Volunteer translations for iPeace ([login to view URL]) Battery disposal (for The Big Word) LITERARY AND SUBTITLING (FILM, SERIES, VIDEO & DVD) BOUNCING BALL BOOKS (US PUBLISHERS): -Translation of children books: Books of the Sharp Eye Series, Ick the Stick, Storm Tunes -Translation of corporate Web site and marketing material TRANSLATION OF "The Tigers of Saigon," a novel by Miguel Pereira, Portugal. TOWER OF BABEL: Website Translation of journalistic, narrative and poetic texts (work done through e-mail and Internet) POETRY: Translation from Spanish into English of several poems. This book is still being reviewed and put together. It consists of poems in Spanish, English and Japanese, and has artwork by Juan Ferenc. COMICS – MIKILO, THE RETURN OF A MYTH: Translation from Spanish into English of this comic to be printed in the US. IMAGEN PRODUCCIONES: Translation from English into Latin American Spanish of educational videos for kids: Life Structures Solids and Liquids Mixtures and Solutions New Plants Metals TELEFÉ CHANNEL: Translation from Spanish into English of soap opera scripts STUDIO F1, USA: Translation and editing of film scripts for subtitling: Onegin, Y2K, Stir of Echoes, Ragdoll, Retro Puppeteer, Ride with the Devil, Dancemaker, The Citizen, Trancers, The Dead Hate the Living, Forever, Dying to be Rich, Epicenter, Bread and Roses, The Last Great Ride, Before Night Falls, For Love or Country, among others. SOFTITLER, CANADA: (Universal / Paramount / Warner) Proofreading & translation of English into Spanish translation for subtitling of: The Skeleton Key - Director’s comments Sit-com & series episodes (One-Tree Hill, Viva La Bam, House, J.A.G., Mission Impossible (’66), Medium) Grease - DVD format REDS - DVD format Reno 911! The Movie SPANISH TRANSLATIONS, CALIFORNIA, USA: Translation from English into Spanish for subtitling: DVD-based version of “Amen” sit-com. IT-SOFTWARE + OTHER TECHNICAL - SCIENTIFIC ARCHITEXT, Massachusetts, USA: Translation of Manuals from English into Latin American Spanish (made through e-mail and Internet): Ford Ranger (1998) Carbon Copy 32 Software - On line Help Pocket Carbon Copy Software - On line Help M.T.M. S.A., ARGENTINA: Translation from English into Spanish of Manuals: Norton Program Tools for Quality Improvement Treatment of Residual Waters Press and Felt Section (Paper-manufacturing Machines) PLANTA DE GAS NATURAL, ARGENTINA: Translation from English into Spanish of Manuals: Chromatographer for Gas Analysis Gas Humidity Analyzer Start-Up, Operation and Maintenance of the Gas Plant Salt Bath Heater Dresser-Rand Compressor Loher Electrical Engine Maintenance of Rotary Machines TECNOCOPTER, ARGENTINA: Consecutive Interpretation (both from and into English and Spanish): Technical Course on BO 105 Maintenance, dictated by Ray Dumas, from Eurocopter (Canada) MASITTO REAL ESTATE AGENCY, ARGENTINA: Translation from English into Spanish: Leasing Contract Mortgage documents A.C.A., ARGENTINA: Translation from English into Spanish: Regulations on Meat Exportation A.C.A. and the Meats (brochure) NETWORK TRANSLATIONS, UK: Translation from English into Spanish: Conscious i Group web site (printing terminology) Oracle software CDilla software Coutts Group – Offshore Trusts SERVINTRA SL, SPAIN: Translation from Spanish into English: Presentation - Schedule of events for advertising agency ELECTRADOC Website Translation of website text and graphics ULTIMATE TRANSLATION Website Design and translation of the website. AA LANGUAGES, UK: Translation from English into Spanish: Shareholders' Agreement ODILON LOUZADA, BRAZIL: Translation from English into Spanish: Section of KYA Motors Shop Manual STUDIO MELCHIOR, ITALY: Translation of Falk Ring Gear Installation Manual CNH: Perspectives Magazine; Presentations, Corporate documentation Translation of community discussion on pros and cons of urbanizing the Mohave dessert Federal APD – Installation manual, TED program Medical Research Laboratories – technical data sheets PSC PowerScan Global – Pendency Settlement Key Technology manuals, advertising material, and corporate Web site (food processing technology) Literature on Joseph Pilates’ method - exercises and diet Translation for US medical insurance plans and companies: -Santa Clara Health Plan -Care Enhance -Gardner -Krames (The Staywell Company) -Student Insurance (The MEGA Life and Health Insurance Company) FLINT GROUP, ARGENTINA: Technical and advertising brochures Technical manuals (ink terminology) Power Point presentations Purchasing orders Invitations Product technical data sheets "The Inker” - Latin America corporate publication, including “Colorama” section for children FLINT GROUP, WORLD HEADQUARTERS, US: Arrowhead News (quarterly in-house publication) Inkwirer (in-house news bulletin) Weekly newsletter Surveys Corporate Web site Human Resources: Employee Development Plan, Employee Handbook THE BIG WORD, ENGLAND & US: Patient Financing GE Energy's 0 5 10 25 health plan STAR GROUP NET, SPAIN: Leica microscopes (various brochures and technical data sheets) Lexus automotive Toyota automotive Krauss Maffei Minolta Mettler Toledo NON-CORPORATE TRANSLATIONS: CIP - Cleaning in Place Method Alloys for Medical Usage Physiotherapy for Spine Injury Cushing Syndrome Detergent Composition-Patent Medicine-Patent Phone Device for Deaf People-Patent Statistics on the Wood Mouse Life Cycle Evidence for Selection Following Perturbation of Allozyme Frequencies in a Natural Population of Drosphila Embryology and Endocrinology of Genital Development X-ray examination of cavernous sinus Various articles on cardiology Cakewalk software instructions Documents on Genoma Project How to Skin an Organelle Temporomandibular Junction Dysfunction Educational short stories for children Short stories ABI PRESS RELATIONS, US: Translation of press releases for various companies. AURORA SERVITIUM, CANADA: ERS website (Employment Readiness Scale) for the Canadian Government Large portion of 3M website Hanson Brick Ipostel (Translation of Canadian proposal to enhance Venezuela’s postal system) Translation from Spanish into English of newspaper reviews and recommendation letters for an Argentine clarinetist. Employment Standards Act, Ontario TSG GLOTAS, SPAIN: Dell Selling Skills Analysis Cisco Optical Networking Cisco Campus Switching Ingersoll Rand Training Course Bugaboo Creek – Restaurant Cards JASC – Paint Shop Pro 8 - Website WWR Learning Center – User Guide John Deere literature and John Deere University courses Hitachi marketing literature & monthly newsletter Harvard electronic courses WWR Learning Center – User Guide Harvard School: Business training courses Delmar Milady’s Cosmetology training courses HP printers booklets (Deskjet 6540, Mistral, Bamm and Pebbles, Mistral, M-Series) Symantec – Kendo Software Norton Antivirus – Wireless OSHA – Safety Precautions Canon – Fax B840 documentation Sony – Camcorder APC – Power and Cooling for Ultra High Density Racks Microsoft's Antipiracy – How to Tell Alpine – Interface adapter for iPod KCA 420i Philips – SL400 Wireless Adapter Philips – SL300 Wireless Adapter Philips – LC7281 projector Siemens – Pilot Translation (2) Holy Family Chapel - Bulletin and Service Schedule Caterpillar literature (manuals, marketing, promotional materials) Grisoft AVG - Help files / Newsletter Esko literature Google documents AL MADRID TRANSLATIONS, MIAMI, US: Translation from English into Spanish of technical manual on Compressors. WORKING EXPERIENCE AS IN-HOUSE TRANSLATOR: ALUPLATA S.A. (July 1995-January 1996) - Subsidiary of CROWN CORK & SEAL Translation of (both from and into English and Spanish): Business Documents Technical Literature on Aluminum Cans and Ends Technical Literature on the Production Line Employee Handbook and Corporate policies H.B. FULLER S.A.I.C. (January 1996-November 1997) Translation of (both from and into English and Spanish): Business Documents Technical Literature on Adhesives Technical Literature on Non Woven Products Employee handbook, Work Ethics, corporate policies QUEBECOR PRINTING LATIN AMERICA (December 1997-November 2002) Translation of financial and accounting papers. Translation of corporate policies, monthly and annual reports, letters of intent, printing agreements, printing & publishing technical literature, magazine and newspaper articles, financial documents, confidentiality agreements, due diligence reports, employee handbook, work ethics, HHRR policies. Translation and revision of Impression corporate magazine. Responsible for checking and collaborating with information for the Latin American region. WRITING EXPERIENCE InTradEs – Apuntes, Inc Argentina correspondent for this bilingual publication issued in New York by the Interpreters and Translators Community. Poetry Collaborator in Poetry Anthologies. Several un-published stories and poems. > Education: 1991 – 2000 Instituto Nacional Superior en Lenguas Vivas Juan Ramón Fernandez Buenos Aires-Argentina Degree: English-Spanish Literary, Technical & Scientific Translator 1997-1999 Mail writing studies with Writers’ Bureau, UK. 1998-1999 Madrid University-Fundación Hernandarias Journalist (First year courses passed) November 1998 APTRA (Argentine Journalists Association) Film reviewer October 1999 Course on translation of film scripts and translation for cine and video subtitling (by Miguel Wald) November 1999 Comparison of The Dead, the short story, vs. The Dead, the film. (by Miguel Wald) 2003 French Second level passed. 2004-present Writing Workshop in Spanish November-December 2006 "Essentials of Writing to Inspire" - course by Writers on Line Workshops. Instructor: Published author Miki Hayden July 2007 Marketing Seminar May 2008 Health Care Seminar (US based medical insurance system) > Additional Skills: Writer of fiction/non-fiction, journalistic and poetic texts. "El árbol de la luz," my book of short stories (in Spanish) Specialized in areas of spiritual interest: Reiki, Energy healing, Angel Therapy, Chromotherapy, Chakras, Yoga, Pilates, Ayurveda, Akashic Records, Meditation, Affirmations, Sacred Contracts, Archetypes, Visualization, Bach Flowers, Indigo and Crystal children. Comparison of religious paths: Christianity, Catholicism, Buddhism, Judaism, Taoism > Accreditations: Degree in Translation Marketing Seminar Health Care Seminar Copy of degree and references available upon demand.

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