The Art of Painting as Your Passion

por jackiesampang
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We all have our passion, be it a thing to do, a thing to buy, a place to go, food to eat, dress to wear, car to ride, things to collect, article to write, songs to sing, game to play, people to reach out...anything that would make you happy and satisfied, whatever it is, even if somebody finds you weird and can stand to what you're doing, well they can do nothing, it's your passion. Your passion boost your mood and raises your spirituality, no matter if its costly or tiring, what's important is, there is a feeling of contentment and satisfaction of what you are doing.

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Am a teacher in government school, teaching all academic subjects,writes articles in journalism,can adjust my time/schedule for the sake of job responsibly ,no works lefts undone,have a full concentration on every project

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