Money Transfers Calculator & Tools

por jcdenton
Money Transfers Calculator & Tools

This web application consists of a server logic part (IIS, ASP.NET-based web services, querying banking software) and a front-end server part (Apache, PHP, Ajax) both implemented by me (and partly by my colleagues). On the screenshot you could see a user interface of the main service at a starting step.

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I'm an experienced web-programmer with a strong background in banking software development. My core competency lies in server-side programming using PHP, SQL and ASP.NET technologies. Over the last three years, I've developed a wide range of web-applications: from modules for various CMS (e.g. custom xmlrpc-server or a bidding system) and eCommerce systems (e.g. custom payment systems integration) to complex solutions for a highly specialized enterprise software. As a programmer I'm also pretty familiar with mobile development for the Android platform. And here I would like to add a short list of the areas where I have some experience, too: OOP, TDD, NoSQL, DVCS, C#, Sharepoint, MOSS, desktop development.

$20 USD/h