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If you search the web regarding free article writer you will be bombarded with more than 30,400,000 results. Articles before the rise of the popularity of the web world were solely the characteristics of the print world. Now the writings do not come on papers, they are circulated worldwide in few seconds through the internet. They do not have physical existence until and unless someone takes a print out of the article. Articles by anonymous writers now remain suspended in the cyber space and millions of people form their views and outlook about the world around them through these articles by strangers. These strangers constitute of a wide range of people. Some are students, some are professional, and some are budding writers. Earlier there was no way that one's writings could reach across to people from a different continent in minutes. Many great writers were not appreciated for their work in their life time, but later they were recognised and felicitated. If there had been t

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Dear Sir I am jinnatunnesa( ) Facilities & working environment: I can write original articles and perform re-writes of articles. I have capability the time to produce a minimum of 10 articles a day, whether they are originals, re-writes or a combination of both. My all Articles will be written with excellent grammar, error-free, keyword-rich, SEO-related, punctuation and spelling. These articles must be unique and 100% copyscape Free. I am specialized in writing articles and reviews on any topics. I ensure that check my email regularly and can communicate to you regularly because I am serious for my work. Other facilities mentioned and are below. I around 12-14 hours free time per day as a result of I can work easily for all the day 12-13 hours for you. I can devote all this towards doing your job all 7 day of the week. I used latest in hardware and software configurations, broad Internet connection with 1 mbps Speed. My Internet connection is reliable and unlimited I am also available Google Talk account,skype account(mdjillurrahman). I expect to a productive and long-term and friendly relationship. Extra activities: If you need to Post your article in wordpress, Joomla & Bloger site then I will post it. Thanks Jinnatunnesa

$2 USD/h