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COMPANY PROFILE – VIRTUALVIRTUES INFOTECH PRIVATE LIMITED A team of creative studio photographers INFOCUS, e-generation and web conceptualizer's / have clubbed their skills of technology and perfection The result is Virtual Virtues A company introducing the concept of Virtual Reality to this nation, This generation way of looking at things afar, the VR technology. INFOCUS Photography is a studio with a difference. Where the photography is beyond the clicking and developing with an insight vision of this art, giving high quality service for advertising/ industrial / virtual reality and corporate photography and with a passion to adventure new horizons. VIRTUAL VIRTUES A new dimension of reality. [login to view URL] is an exclusive site for Virtual Reality. Where you can discover VR, have a complete know-how of the concept and applications of this technology in various fields. This web site is your gateway to the world of Virtual locations and objects, in other words, an enticing and thrilling experience of a reality, with a new dimension. The core focus is to bring awareness of Virtual Reality to Indian market and to enhance the Visual Media with a new advancement. It brings a new scope to the to make many product campaigns more effective with the VR methods of presentation and also bring a tremendous growth to the Tourism industry thus expands the marketability of products/ services and concepts by giving them the most ideal medium to be portrayed thus increasing the revenues. It will also launch innovative products developed using VR technology which Will create waves of astonishment in the market with the unique essence of visual Media presentation. CONCEPT VIRTUAL REALITY Virtual reality is one more gift of technological advancement; it enhances the visual media with a better way of looking at things, rather the ability to feel them. Virtual is the feel of something as true in all its essence though not in fact, here, Virtual Reality is a process of ‘ feel like there’ for a viewer, it is a Reality of a kind. It is an amazing new concept being introduced for the first time in India’s. VR provides multi-dimensional view of places and objects while presenting the feeling of “being there”. Unlike static images, animations and video clippings, VR gives a first hand interactive navigation to the viewer. Methodology The concept of Virtual Reality is based on a sophisticated technology, where still-photographs taken from numerous angles are ‘stitched’ together, thereby giving you a virtual feeling of reality. The quality and look of pictures is very natural and authentic as these are photographs of real places & objects and not computer generated images. Virtual reality is also not based on VIDEOGRAPHY, thus a phenomenally small file size, making it totally Internet friendly. QT Virtual Reality comes in two basic flavors, Panorama VR / Virtual Places and Object VR / Virtual Objects. Panorama VR Virtual places The Panorama Virtual Reality is an experience, which enables the viewer to view objects surrounding the viewer on all four sides. This will revolutionize the way people look at places from afar giving them the chance to feel as if they are there. In a panorama or a virtual place experience, the viewer will be at a center-point of the place or a center from where the view of any desired side can be had in a circular sight. In this, a cylindrical view of the total area is made available and guiding by the mouse; one can actually ‘move around’ the place in the screen. There is no need to rewind or replay the file, simply hold the mouse down and turn it to any direction and you can behold the location in countless angles including a complete panoramic survey of the whole place. You are in control to study the angle or detail of your choice, in sharp contrast to a video clipping, where only the videographer’s choice of angles is available and where it is a moving play, without options. Viewing the VR file on the computer screen gives the feeling of standing right in the location, with option to turning at will, to your left, right, back and forth. You can also opt to view specific things in more detail, by simply zooming in closer. You could even select an object in the location, turn it and examine it as if actually handling it. OBJECT VR Virtual Objects In straight contrast to Panorama view, the Object Virtual Reality enables the viewer to view a particular Object from all four sides. Object VR enables you to virtually hold up objects in the screen, turn them to any side, study them closely and almost feel them. In short, you can nearly handle the object as though you are physically holding it in your hands. You could for example, rotate an Orange fruit around, examine its skin, peel it open, view it’s insides and again cover back the fruit skin to consider the exterior, everything just by steering your computer’s mouse. Object Virtual reality is simply astounding and can thrill you with its ‘live’ feeling. VR - PROSPECTS AND COMMERCIAL AVENUES VR is an enhancement of visual media technology, which has very vast applications in various fields. It is the most ideal way of giving the experience of any place/product to a person, who will feel all the elements and essence of it, through the “feel as if there” and “feel as if, it is here” kind of effect, implicated by the Virtual Reality (VR) movies. Though the major applications will be in the fields of effective Tourism Promotion, Product Advertising Campaigns and Hospital / Industrial Equipment Display themes, the Virtual Reality has its effective role of Uses in many other fields. The virtual reality movie or show is a preliminary educating tool to the viewer. This is enhanced to a very convincing and elaborative approach as the viewer gets the feel of what he /she views to a very great extent, because with VR it’s just like being there. The virtual reality application can be for any of the various purposes, some of which have been classified here. • Site Touring • Travel Destination Advertising • Showing Real Estate / Resorts • Advertising Automotives / Luxury Products • Display of Hospitals / Medical Equipments • Display of Industries / Equipments SITE TOURING The viewer can be educated about any place like a Shopping Mall / Super Bazaar / STAR HOTELS Function Hall / Library or a College Campus, through a tour of that place covered by the Panorama Virtual Movie. It brings them the feel of visiting that Place personally as they get to view the entire place with an interactive approach of choosing to view the sections of their interest. Benefits: • The coverage done through this VR technique can be hosted in the Websites of related fields as the file sizes are very small and not like video clippings. • The VR for the same can be encapsulated in a CD depending on the purpose namely: a) feature presentation of the subject to the target customers b) small version of the subject just to fit into business card size CD, to the select customers c) The CD can be stored for archives by the concerned party • The website can be linked to e-business wherein the customers can place the orders directly by visiting the site and e-feeling the products. • The Hotels can up host the VR of the hotel in detail in their website, enabling customers to go into each an every room and go ahead to select the choicest room and thereby register the bookings virtually, from the desktop. TRAVEL DESTINATION ADVERTISING The Tourism is the prime beneficiary of the Panorama Movie, as the tourist can have a very descriptive and natural idea of the Place / Monument viewed or rather experienced in the VR. Benefits: • This is a boon to the Travel Agent to market the Tours of any Destination by this VR Movie Coverage in the form of CD • The absorbing footage can be placed in the Website of the travel company • This will be also fetching to the Dept. Of Tourism to promote the Tourism by these Virtual Tour Program methods be it in any format like CD/ WEBSITE/TOUCHSCREENS through all the educational and entertainment channels. • Along with the VR of the location aforesaid, we are enriching the concept with required historic information, which will essentially educate the viewer. The same can be sold to Schools and Educational Institutions • The richness of the Tourist places captured through this Technology can be marketed outside the country - CDs in the international shopping centers. • Thus the VR increases the Revenue of the Nation by dynamically up-lifting the Tourism as the VR Movie enthuses and attracts more and more visitors. • The VR in the form of CDs can be stored for Archives by the Government Departments, which will remain as treasure with the state. SHOWING REAL ESTATE / RESORTS The Real Estate needs the Virtual Reality to give its investors a “feel before you buy” experience which many persons desire for. Avenues: • Provided, in an Interactive Panorama VR, in CD or website, this can be ideal for Commercial Buildings / Luxury Apartments and also Row Houses and Luxury Residential Buildings to enable the buyer to view the entirety of the construction, Surroundings, Façade, Sides, Interiors and all the various facilities . • For Resort Promoters this will be even more ideal method to advertise and the best media as the comforts and luxuries provided can be elaborately presented to the viewer by a VR movie, wherein the viewer will feel them very personally and thus more convinced to choose them. • The Resorts can be captured in Business Card CD. The most important parts of the VR of Resorts can be re-sized into the CDs for the purpose of mailing it to prospective clients. These opinion leaders will spread this by word of mouth. • The VR movie is the most viable form to cater to the International customers, as the concept brings in the ease and economy of handling/marketing the product. ADVERTISING AUTOMOTIVES / LUXURY PRODUCTS The marketing of Cars has become a task to the Automotive Manufacturers and thus many kinds of attempts are made by them to promote its sales. The trial ride is not possible when the customer is not accessible to the showroom for some reason, the VR interactive Object movie works like a Trial Ride. AVENUES: • The core concept is highlighting the features to the buyer, which can be done in the most effective manner through the Object VR Movie presentation. • The buyer can view the car/vehicle from all sides; open the doors and Enter in, to view the interiors and all the accessories in detail. • Besides the Automotives, many Luxury Products like Premium Range Furniture/ Electronic Products / Interior Decorative and other items can be given a new look of descriptive Sales Promotion by using Object VR, where the buyer feels the product with personal perception. • All this can be captured in a CD or can be up hosted on the company website, drawing up on the flexibility of presentation as part of the marketing exercise. DISPLAY OF HOSPITALS / MEDICAL EQUIPMENTS The Panorama Movie / Object Movie are both ideally applicable to the medical field as here the Super Specialty Hospitals need this media to educate the Doctors and people of related fields about the various equipments available with them and also giving an interactive feel to the viewer, thus increasing the awareness in the market. AVENUES: • The VR can be customized to the Hospitals e.g. How bone structure works or does not work in case of fracture and healing thereafter can be captured through VR very interestingly. If this is placed in the Website for Orthopedics Department for that hospital, Patients and the common man can get to learn about various aspects/ailments from the VR and would go ahead to book appointments with the concerned Doctor and be very clear about the problem on hand. This enhances Patient Confidence, which is vital for any healing program. Therefore this is a very attractive proposition, applicable to all the Departments, to the Corporate Hospitals who are customer oriented in their approach. • The Medical Equipment providers can create Object VR Movies on the product range to be displayed to Doctors / Hospitals. This is a very interesting tool in marketing the Business-to-Business models like this. • Unlike in a video presentation, the user can feel the operation of equipment with a personal interaction, which enables better scope of understanding and identifying the prime advantages. The user can keep the CD/download the web page and study it till the confidence in the product is attained. DISPLAY OF INDUSTRIES / EQUIPMENTS Avenues: • Industries of large scale type who manufacture machineries for other small scale Entrepreneurs and other purposes will have better scope of product display with The Virtual Reality Object movies. • Even the Panorama will help them to show the infrastructure to the promoters and investors. This will spearhead and strengthen campaigns for PUBLIC ISSUES or any purpose, calling for shareholder/stakeholder confidence in the business expansion. • The VR CDs are effectively useful in Employment Training programs. The new incumbents can be taken through how machinery works before actually going on to the shop floor. • VR is the best way to advertise the products / machinery and services. EXPERIENCE Here is your very personal gateway to go for few Virtual Tours and feel Interactive Product Movies. This may give you a better perspective about the effects and advantages of the VR technology but the charm of the VR is not though confined to these movies and can be varied depending upon the projection of need. We hope, these VR movies will entice your sense of vision to experience a visual which gives you a real thrilling feel of like “being there”. The feel ---- Panorama VR Multi-panorama VR Object VR THE CONCEPT OF WALK-IN-CITY. Walk-in-city is an innovative theme. It is moving around made easy, more enticing and also a random phase. A tourist would love to explore it, for discovering the charms of the city and an inhabitant would admire it, as it makes knowing every place of the city, easy, quick and fascinatingly interesting and a breath-taking experience. Walk-in-city can be termed as a new generation way of discovering a place of interest. It primarily educates the person with the topography of the region; its significant areas, the landmarks and also the essence of the lifestyle. It also enchants the viewer with its presentation techniques, precision of photography and the elaboration of the subject. Walk-in-city is your very personal gateway to adventure Virtual Tours, a better perspective about the effectiveness and advantages of the VR technology. We hope, this Panorama Movie will entice your sense of vision to experience a visual, beyond the visual, which gives you the virtual feel of “being there”. For more information and enquiries Visit us at [login to view URL] SUMMARY: Through all the above avenues the concept will lead to creating a versatile MEDIUM. In this potential medium, we can attract participation from Shopping Malls, Commercial Establishments, Hotels, Consumer Brands, and GOVT Agencies etc by way of Advertising or buying exposure space in this medium. COMPLETED PROJECTS 1. National games Phase-I 2. National games phase-II 3. IT&C-CEBIT 4. Arena Multimedia 5. HUDA-Safilguda Lake 6. Pride&precious 7. Taj Krishna Hotel 8. Viswakarma Art gallery 9. Contraditions 10. Asrani International Hotel 11. Anuradha Resorts 12. Hitex 13. e-Seva 14. NAARM 15. Shilpakalavedika 16. Vikas Educational institutions 17. Vignan Educational institutions 18. MMRDA-(Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority) 19. MCH-Lotus Pond 20. MCH-Greater Hyderabad APROCHED IN ANDHRA PRADESH 1. HUDA-Swarnajayanthi 2. Happy Homes 3. Origins 4. Alankritha 5. Urvasi inn 6. Ten down street Bar&Restarant 7. Music World 8. Gs Plastics 9. Kirtilal jewelry 10. Overseas 11. Picture Perfect 12. Coffee Day 13. Barista 14. Orion 15. Volcan 16. Access 2 Future 17. Millennium Center 18. Haka Bhavan 19. NISG-National Institute of Smart Governance 20. IMG- 21. Mount Opera 22. Andhra pradesh Tourism Development Corporation 23. Munsipal Corporation Hyderabad 24. Vanenburg IT Park 25. Global Hospital 26. Laser Park – HUDA 27. Viceroy Hotel 28. Milltech-Banglore 29. Endowment- All Temples in Andhra pradesh 30. CII-Confederation of Indian Industries 31. Vishal Mega Mart 32. Hyderabad Collect orate 33. Archeology Department 34. Konas food court 35. Irrigation &Command 36. Mahindra Show Room 37. Salarjung Museum 38. Kennedy The Global School 39. Vikas The Concept School 40. Glendale Academy 41. Andhra pradesh Tourism 42. Khajana Furniture 43. Apparel park 44. Nift-National Institute of Fashion Technology 45. NRSA-National Remote Sensing Agency APROCHED IN MUMBAI 1. MMRDA-Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority 2. Taj Hotels & Resorts 3. Skanska Cementation India Ltd 4. Ratan Batra Advertising 5. Grand Hyatt Mumbai 6. Intercontinental 7. Kalpa-Taru Constructions Overseas Pvt Ltd 8. ITC Hotel Grand Maratha Sheraton 9. The Gordon House Hotel 10. The Leela Palace 11. Ramada-Caravela beach resort 12. Centaur Group of Hotels 13. Raheja Resorts & Hospitality Services Pvt Ltd 14. Hotel Heritage 15. The Indian Express 16. Hotel Palli Hills 17. Span Travels 18. Wizcraft 19. Yello Color Caterpillars 20. Indian Odysseys 21. Falcon Strategic Advisories (India) 22. Larsen&Toubro Limited 23. Balaji Collections 24. Paramin Advertising Yours truly Jagan mohan e.d
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