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Was the first 3rd year and masters project for the HITLab AU. It was so successful it achieved media coverage, (for which I was required to conduct interviews and participate in public speaking), in TV, Newspaper and Radio - Southern Cross, Examiner, ABC Radio and Triple Jay. It has also been put on the HITLabs continued project list - for worldwide collaboration.

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Born in Ireland and moved to Tasmania in December 2005 when I was 18. I began studying at Launceston University in January 2007. I initially became involved with the HitLab in 2007 when it was just in it's infancy as even at that stage I envisaged the potential it offered. I hope to be in a position to continue onto an Honours or Masters degree with the HITLab in order to enhance and broaden my knowledge in 3D modeling, Interface Design, Human Computer Interaction and Tool Building. These are the areas that I am most enthusiastic about. It is my intention to create a software package that may be used in the HIT lab to demonstrate how the use of 3D can be used in appropriate and relevant circumstances to further enhance training and education. In areas outside of the HIT lab the package will be utilized in the use of 3D modeling and animation. There is a continual growing demand in this field of expertise from educational training, simulations, advertising, games and movie making to name just a few. The potential is endless with this skill. My hope is to make a difference by contributing to enhancing technology in such a way that can only be beneficial to mankind, whether through medical applications, domestic appliance enhancement or consumer entertainment.

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