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link: - The same display in different browsers - logical behavior of the layout during the filling content - A good indexing by search engines, - logical code - compliance with w3c standards

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The properties of my markup: - Your site visitors come from different browsers, but the site will be <b>displayed the same way</b> - During the filling of the site (adding information in various blocks) - <b>layout behaves logically </b>(necessary blocks are stretchable) - The information on your website is <b>well indexed by search engines</b>, because the makeup is done in accordance with the recommendations of the search engines - For the following after me instance (programmer) - <b>a logical code</b> - <b>Markup does not disintegrate </b> when you upgrade your browser (Code is in accordance with the standards of W3C) ----------------------------------- I am aiming for continuous co-operation: - Excluded freelancer surprises - you are sure in my result - No spending too much time taken up for discussion between us the nuances of the work, because we already know them ------------------------------------------ (!) I can offer <b>for free</b> to evaluate the quality of markup (and js scripts) one of the pages made by your executor, to identify fundamental errors, if any will be I will tell what it means for the site.