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When all you've known conflicts with what the world teaches you to believe, you're caught in a long war. Against society, against insanity, against authority and against yourself. Hatred, questions and fear mount and gnaw inside you. These questions lie dormant for years, ever present, ever undermining your potential. You find a way to deal with the pain but you cut yourself off from everyone and everything around you in the process. Danny felt like an alien. Bullied, unappreciated, with talent unrecognised, he was the parent of his alcoholic mother. Alicia's neglecting mother kept a revolving door of would-be stepfathers equally eager to sleep with Alicia. John and Sarah grew up in a violent, incestuous home on the edge of a forest. These four burnt their origins and begin a new life on their own terms, outside society. Tadpole is a dark adventure you won't forget. A violent, romantic road trip of two against the world.

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