Destiny Demands Diligence

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Destiny Demands Diligence

7 characteristics of a diligent man/woman A diligent man is a rich man (Pro 10:4). A diligent man rules (Pro 12:24). A diligent man possesses precious possessions (Pro 13:4). A diligent man is creative in his thinking A diligent man tends to abundance. There are no hopeless situations; there are only those who think hopelessly (Pro 31:5). A diligent man is a man of high class (Pro 22:29). The Lord rewards the diligent (Heb 11:6). A diligent man is a man of honour Show me a man who fulfills destiny, and I will show you a man of diligence, discipline and discretion; a man who is dynamic, a man of distinction. God makes apples; He does not make apple juice. It takes work to fulfill destiny. He who does not work, let him not eat.

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