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Sobre Mim

ASSOCIATE ARTS WITH A MAJOR IN COMPUTER SCIENCE MATH 2011- 2012 Calculus and Analytic Geometry I, II, and III CSCI 1301 Principles of Computer Programming I (algorithms / recursion / binary sort) 4 CSCI 1302 Principles of Computer Programming II (Orders of magnitude analysis) 3 CSCI 3170 Computer Organization (bread boards / electronic components) 3 CSCI 3370 Assembly Language Programming (project to edit/check for errors File Allocation Table 3 CSCI 3400 Data Structures 3 CSCI 3410 Database Systems (relational databases/Paradox) 3 CSCI 4711 Software Design 3 CSCI 4712 Senior Capstone Project 4 CSCI 3300 Programming Languages (elements of languages / execution methodologies) I completed the above courses before Augusta State University (formerly Augusta College 1993) had available tracks such as Computer Information Systems. I completed what I call "three levels of Calculus" and stopped at Differential Equations which was the last Mathematics course before the BS in Computer Science would be awarded. Additionally, approximately two CSC (programming) classes remained before Augusta College could issue me a BS in Computer Science (with the automatic minor in Mathematics). My test scores such as a 26 on the ACT (in 1993 Augusta College received the ACT not the SAT) as well as my academic history indicated an above average ability in language (the arts) which would have strongly suggested an arts track. However, I had been programming computers in school in Glendale, AZ since 6th grade (approx. 1984) and my college major of Computer Science had been decided for a very long time. Historically my academic profile in mathematics was not particularly strong but in spite of this I was able to complete all the math requirements stopping short of differential equations. The Associate Dean of Arts and Sciences, Dr. Edward Pettit approved me for an Associate Arts out of the Mathematics and Computer Sciences Department in June of 1993. I have constructed automated databases in ACCESS involving complex predictive maintenance tracking systems to provide preventive maintenance reports to the the department of maintenance to a new John Deere Commercial Products manufacturing facility, Grovetown, GA (near Augusta). I have provided large volumes of data processing from printouts from data warehousing of the fortune 100 National Linen Service in Midtown, Atlanta, GA. These figures were accurately entered into an MS EXCEL spreadsheet for the Vice President of Finance, C. Spencer Godfrey (Ret.) in order to determine the increase in revenue due to a price increase on national accounts. In both cases I was contracted via placement agencies (Norrell and Dunhill of Atlanta respectively). I enjoy project oriented work and have worked for placement agencies in the business district of San Francisco (Key Resources for Wells Fargo Commercial Loan Servicing Center) and Adecco in Alexandria, VA, (The National Helicopter Association among other clients). I have brought to bear novel approaches to many assignments which facilitated their accurate and ahead of schedule completion. My flare at applying computer assisted and novel automated approaches to projects has always impressed agency and clients alike. I am adaptive, congenial, diplomatic, and a valuable asset to any team. I appreciate the individual who is able to evaluate the person I have become from my formal education and my professional experiences. I have held Government Security Clearances at both the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station near Phoenix, AZ and the Nuclear Reservation Savannah River Site (SRS) near Augusta, GA. My personality is such that maintaining confidentiality is automatic and this is partially why I have had great success entering foreign environments where sensitive information was held such as in banks.

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